So, What’s Up?

Quick update.

  • Drama Queen? The last time I spoke with her, a couple of days ago… her husband had moved back home and was taking her to dinner to "talk". She was planning a big birthday party for him in November. She didn't say whether or not they were going to stay together, was going to see what he had to say. In a bizarre twist, she put a new picture of herself up on our WoW website. A picture in which she appeared to be looking 'sexy'. Not quite sure how to take that.
  • Physical Therapy is on-going and damn… it hurts. I'm trying to be a "big girl" and not whine, snivel or cry when he's torqueing on me, but I'm also letting him work me over harder than I did the last time. Sure wish that stupid cortizone would have worked.
  • Harvest is… limping along. We got an inch of rain night before last and that brought the bean harvest to a screeching halt. The corn STILL isn't dry enough to harvest. Seems to be more work in the northern part of the state so my workload is increasing by leaps and bounds. Don't be surprised if I'm more scarce than usual… this is the busy season for me.
  • In other work-related news. We still are short-handed three people. We interviewed one guy, but he was too much of a clone of the one that was my previous roomie, so we didn't bite. We've had some…uh…real "dandies" applying, let me tell you. On top of the hiring process, which is stressful, we may be hiring someone to help with my particular job. All I need is to be trying to train someone while I'm in the midst of my busy season. Not good. The other way to go that is being discussed is to hire a secretary at our facility. That would be interesting in oh-so-many ways. I'll discuss that later if it comes to be.
  • On top of my "home" jobs, my "farm" job, and my "town" job… I now have something new to complicate my fall. Jury duty! I have been notified I'm on call for the month of November. I remember a few years ago I managed to post-pone it until spring since I'm the only one who does my particular job at my "town" job … and being as it is the busiest time of the year. They did it then, I'm crossing my fingers they do it again. Otherwise? Well, I'd rather not think about it.
  • The weekend birthday party went well. Home made chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes and chili… that was the menu. It was cool enough it really hit the spot. Fall has officially begun when I make chicken and noodles.

As always, I haven't forgotten you all. Just busy. Will try and catch up soon…

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5 thoughts on “So, What’s Up?”

  1. Don’t worry about us. Just hunker down.

    I’m sorry the PT is so painful. Seems like such a hard thing to have to go through…

  2. i’d kind of like to see that WOW webpage…I would be cautious with drama might lall be a hoax, she may be a he…pictures prove nothing. Good luck with the harvesting

  3. Am I the only one that doesn’t know what WOW is? I have read you talk about it before and am guessing it is some kind of online video game?
    Drama Queen needs attention and she will get it no matter where it is coming from or who it might hurt. Ugh.

  4. World of Warcraft rocks! say if you have any spare time I have a book for you to read, lol! Maybe you can take to the jury box woth you…
    meanwhile I’ll be slackin’ in the house chillin’ with my cool cats.

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