4:40 a.m.

My body doesn't know the clocks changed. My puppies don't know the clocks changed. The sun, obviously doesn't know the clocks changed.

Why can't they leave the fucking clocks alone.

yeah. thanks.

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9 thoughts on “4:40 a.m.”

  1. I’m with ya on this one, sister.

    I hate strongly dislike the whole clock change thing.

    It’s largely irrelevant these days anyhow.


  2. I think when I run for president I will leave the 6 billion dollars of campaign funding alone and just and stand on my own soapbox with the “Stabalizion of time” docket. My promise will be to put the same “time” in every garage across the Nation. I will cut time in the office, I will conserve time in Government and share time equally with all my constituents. No more vagrant waste of time. Time will no longer be just the luxury of the wealthy class. Vote for me! Time is on my side.

    One small side note, it is my intention that everyone in the country will be forced to make time. Time for their families, time to play World of Warcraft, time for me and some day I shall have enough time to rule the world!!! Haha haaa……

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