Campaign Promises

Did your candidate win? Congratulations. Now comes the "fresh start"… the "new administration"… the "change". Or does it?

I don't care who you voted for or how good a campaign they put on I will guarentee you one thing. Promises will be broken. I don't think candidates do it on purpose. I think they really mean *most* of what they say. I think they each and every one thinks they have an answer. They think they have a plan for how this is all going to work.

Personally? I don't think they have a clue.

I think there are so many secrets kept in Washington that even the highest members of congress, of legistlature… none of them have privy to. I think the day the new president takes office and the passing of the baton from one administration to another begins, then and only then will they truly see the monumental task they've taken on. When the top-secret advisors to the president start laying it out on the line what things are going on in the "background"… or, if you will, so deeply "underground"… that only the primary leader of our land can know it all.

Then they will understand, perhaps, what the hell they have just gotten themselves into.

Did your candidate win? It doesn't matter now. Good luck, Barack. Here's hoping you can keep at least some of your promises…

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9 thoughts on “Campaign Promises”

  1. The POTUS is just that, presiding mouthpiece for the general internal workings (malfunctions) of the Greater corporate government. The trouble with expecting change from the President is that although he (or she)has the people to appease, and also has a
    ‘board of directors’ who dictate what will and will not happen within the government, thus, what happens to us common simplefolk

    Once upon a time that ‘governing’ board was made up of strong, mindful individuals. But over the decades replaced by ruthless corporations ruled by egomanical lust for power and now finally, those seats are filled by single minded self serving greed infested inbred siblings of the railroad tycoons, oil barons and Industrial leaders who have no vision beyond their own personal desires. Are we ready to move on to the Nerd Herd genration controlling our National interest with emotionless numbers and lifeless terabytes crunching out our future?

    We’ll see.

    In the mean time we have a first in public office. We finally played the race card and got us a genuine 100% Haiwiian in office.

    Ali’i kahuna Obama
    Hele wawae mai Oia’i’o a me ho’ohanohano

  2. I guess I am not as jaded or cynical because I don’t feel this way. Sure the job ahead of Obama is immense but I think that he is just the person for the job. I hope that you give him a chance to prove himself. I believe he will change many people’s minds. I truly do. Maybe that’s naive but I don’t care right now. I want to feel hopeful for the future.

  3. I didn’t vote for either of the major candidates. Couldn’t bring myself to fully back either of them. I am open minded enough to see where this next four years leads us. It seriously can’t be any worse than the past eight.

  4. I think the Who said it best:

    ‘Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.’

    To think that a President, any President can ‘fix the country’ in 4, or even 8 years is ludicrous.

    There will be change, this I do not doubt. There are things that always change when the Democrats are in power:

    We will have a weaker military, and other countries will take advantage of this.

    Taxes will be higher, no matter what anyone says, because we will have ‘big government,’ and that takes money, no matter who’s running the show.

    We will have ‘big brother’ in our back pockets telling us what’s best for us, and trying to force us to accept it.

    /rant off

    Sorry Sue, didn’t mean to make your comments my soap box…..


  5. I have great hopes for the coming years…I agree with the others, it can’t be much worse, economically nor with foreign affairs, and I doubt ANY president will have a lot of impact in the change department…I also couldn’t bring myself to support either candiate, but that being said, I hope to approach this term without cynicism and with a new hope for our future. Can’t be too dissapointed, worse is it could be more of the same old same old rhetoric of the past many years(both demo and rep)

  6. I agree that Obama will really try to make the changes that he wanted to make, but I also realize that it’s different standing on the outside saying how easy it is to do something and only when you’re in the middle of it all, do you realize that are other issues at-hand that would impact anyone’s efforts to get anything done. I just hope that the average person realizes that it will take time and be patient.

    In all honesty, I would’ve been fine with either candidate. If McCain had been elected, I think that he would’ve swung back toward the middle and been the guy that many people liked in 2000 (since he would’ve no longer needed to court the conservatives). But, I think the entire party paid the price for Bush’s policies and I also think many people lost faith in him when he selected Palin as his VP.

  7. oops.
    think i commented for this post on your last post. well, guess you could go back one and read the comment and apply it to this.
    i can be such a bonehead at times.

  8. Okay. I couldn’t resist. Here is the comment that I inadvertantly posted for your last “Vote Please”

    He wasn’t my choice, actually. To be honest, neither of them were. I believe that you are right though. None of them have ever really understood just what being in that office means until they got it. There is more to running this country than meets the eye. As I grew up into an adult, I was taught that the president is the Commander in Chief. By virtue of the fact that he has been elected, that he holds that office, he will have my support though maybe not my love. So many vile words about W and the way he ran the country. I’m sure he knows and understands things that none of us will ever be privy to. It’s easy to sit in the chair at home and quarterback the game. It’s easy to buy into the biased tripe the media wants you to hear. Maybe not so easy to be the president of the United States of America.

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