Turkey Day

Thanksgiving turned out to be very nice. Despite the cat crying at the door at 3 a.m. (we think she's getting so old she's getting cat dementia – she wants in, then she wants back out again, so we're trying to keep her out.) I usually try and put her in the office at night now so she doesn't do this, because, trust me, it is like clockwork. What is it about animals and their internal time? 

Then, just as I'm going back to sleep, Hub's phone goes off with a text message. His brother is in the field ripping ground and a shank broke. 3:45 a.m. Now I'm awake answering him and telling him I'll pass on the message. Of course, Hubs never hears the phone.

5:30. The puppies are awake now and wanting to go outside. In the cold.

Now, I'm up for good. A last bit of cleaning to do, shower, put on my face, and ready myself for the anticipated family crush. They are supposed to dribble in at 9 a.m. on… when I've been told the parade starts. Okay, the parade ends up starting at 10 a.m. – the "pre"parade starts at 9.

Coffee cake (mine) and mimosas (daughter provides). Nice.

I'm cooking and talking to family and listening to the parade.

Before dinner is ready and when I am at a stopping point, eldest son tells us he has something to show us downstairs on the big-screen TV. We all trapse down and settle and here comes a video he has made of the family from photos he's taken from my stash as well as other family members'. It was soooo neat!! What a nice job he did. He put so much thought into it, from the photos, the music… it was quite touching. He went clear back and put up baby and childhood pics of Hubs and I, all the kids, it was really special. Now he has orders to make copies for everyone.

Dinner went off without a hitch. Sleepy people draped the sofas, and everyone cleared out before it got too late. (Youngest son even had to go to another thanksgiving dinner!) All in all, a very nice day with the family. Mother-in-law and brother -in-law even came and weren't overly annoying!

Hope you and yours had a great day and not too many of you had to brave the crowds yesterday… or, like myself, work.

Now I'm going to try and get the Christmas decorations up this weekend and switch gears to get ready for all the birthdays coming and Christmas which isn't too far away… hardly seems possible. Guess it is just like they say, the older you get the faster time flies! 

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9 thoughts on “Turkey Day”

  1. Sue..you’ve got to be one of the luckiest women in the world!

    It sounds wonderful..your Thanksgiving with you family–and seeing all the old videos had to be fun, and probably stirred a lot of happy memories.

    I hope your health is improving, day-by-day. I know you’ve been through a lot, and I send my love to you.

  2. Sounds like a nice day! One of the things I do every year is get a family calendar made at Kinko’s with all of our pictures. Unfortunately, it was so well received the first time that I now feel a little burdened with it.

    I’m pretty lucky — my dogs (esp. Kona) don’t get up until I tell them it’s time for a walk. Reese used to get up and move places in the middle of the night, but he’s been pretty good about staying in his own bed lately.

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