Dad passed away at about 9:30 yesterday morning. We were still at home, getting ready to go visit a mortuary to make arrangements, then we were going to the hospice. I got the call and had to break the news to mom. Hard, but in many ways not as difficult as making the decision to put him in the hospice. He went peacefully, with the hospice workers around him – talking to him and cleaning him for the day.

I can't say enough good things about the hospice and the staff there. What a blessing to have a place like that and people around who can do those things. I'm not sure I would ever be strong enough to do something like that. I'm glad there are people who do.

His wishes were to be cremated, so that's what we're doing. He didn't want any kind of service, so we're considering just having family in for a "celebration of life" … maybe in a week or two when the weather straightens out. We have tons of snow, more to come, yesterday blizzard conditions, and the high is below zero for the week. Think we'll wait a bit… he won't mind.

Thank you everyone for your support. It's been so comforting.

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29 thoughts on “Peace”

  1. Oh, Sue, I’m so sorry. I’ll be thinking of you and your family. You’re right — the people that do hospice care are amazing individuals.

  2. Oh Sue…I’ve been out of pocket as far as my blog reading goes and had missed all of this. I’m so sorry for your loss and my thoughts are with you and your family.

  3. My sympathies to you, your mother and your family. This must have been a very difficult time for all of you but trust that he is in a better place now.


  4. It sounds like everything happened just as it should. I pray for peace for your family and a beautiful celebration of your father’s life. For, surely, he is at peace now.

  5. As a non-religious gal, I’ve always enjoyed the phrase “Peace be with you,” as it is so universal. You have my thoughts, support & hugs.
    My experience with my own father’s “Celebration of Life” was ultimately to wish we had done it sooner, so I simply pass that along to you. We waited several weeks, and in retrospect, I felt that it would have been more beneficial (emotionally, for me) to have had it closer to the date he died. People really wanted to party and celebrate, & just I wanted to punch them all in the face for being so happy. They tend to tone it down earlier in the process. 🙂 fwiw, of course, and it always is an individual experience.

    He was also cremated, and we put his ashes in a box that had originally housed a v. expensive bottle of scotch – his favorite drink.

    Best to you & your family, my fellow OC. and Peace.

  6. I said a prayer for your Mom that she finds some comfort in the fact that your Dad suffers no more. I know you all will miss him terribly. My Mom is 84, i can relate. Can’t do anything for you Sue, but we do think about you

  7. Thinking of you honey, and sending you hugs. Not much I can say, just know that you did the right thing and your Dad would be very proud of you for being so strong. He is at peace now.

  8. I’m so sorry to hear about all the pain and loss you’ve been going through. I know I’m late to notice but want you to know that I am truly so very sorry!

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