Not Exactly What I Had In Mind

Jammie day / weekend didn't turn out exactly how I planned. My daughter pointed out that I have been so long without a jammie day I may have forgotten the rules!!

Jammie Day Rules

  1. Stay in jammies or comfortable clothing, preferably clothing you wouldn't be caught dead on the street in.
  2. Don't shower or bathe unless it is a relaxing bubble bath or sauna.
  3. Don't wash your hair. Combing or brushing is allowed if it makes you feel better.
  4. Brushing teeth is allowed, flossing is not
  5. Junk food aka comfort food is required (jammie day calories are always zero – the happiness cancels them out)
  6. Activities must be something stress-free
  7. You do not leave the house. The exception is if you are in your own yard. You must not leave the property, however.

What did I do? I not only showered, I actually did "stuff". I cleaned out a linen / junk closet in my bathroom. I organized my makeup drawer. I did some laundry. I cleaned a bit.

On Sunday I not even showered, but dressed and put on makeup as we met the kids at a local restaurant for lunch. I can't really even consider Sunday as being a jammie day because of that. It definately broke several rules, especially number 7.

I am so ashamed. I promise the next jammie day I get I will do better. I realize I have many blogs to catch up on. Maybe that's what I'll do next jammie day. In my bed. In my jammies. Unshowered. Catch you then.

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15 thoughts on “Not Exactly What I Had In Mind”

  1. I can’t have a successful jammie day WITHOUT showering. I feel so slimy and icky and cannot relax that way. So, I take a shower then put fresh jammies back on!

  2. Hahaha — yes, that was way too productive to be called a jammie day. Mine usually involve laying in bed and watching movies all day.

  3. I had a much more successful jammie weekend sans the showering, I think that must be a typo, showering is always a good thing on any day.

    I don’t wear ‘jammies’ per say but I wore my long sleeve red henley that comes down nearly to my knees and jockey shorts all weekend except while I was sleeping, showering, or wallowing in the tub (yes there were bubbles involved).

    I ordered pizza, ate ice cream and samwiches and didn’t ccok anything. I did however eat a salad Sunday, but it was for pleasure, not because it is good for me.

    I did not leave the house, I did not work (write on my book, compose, or perform clerical duties) all weekend, nor did I (unfortunately) play WoW or worry over crappy Inet connection. I did watch mindless TV, cleared out my saved recorded programs and I did a bit of light reading, and spent some quality time with my kitties.

    I extended jammie weekend into Monday, where the only responsible thing I did all day long was take the trash to the curb.

    This morning Chaos decided he had enough and actually pulled the covers off me and whined until I got out of bed.

    I feel refreshed, rebooted and ready to face the word again.

    Well maybe tomorrow…

  4. I can stay in my jammies all day but I often get a lot of puttering around done. I straighten drawers and hang up clothes and do stuff that is mindless but helps me feel like I’ve made some sort of progress.

    I am really bad at relaxing so don’t listen to me!

  5. I need a jammie week. Well, I wouldn’t be comfortable without a shower after 2 days or so, but for me it’d be the lack of responsibilities, lack of deadlines, and LOTS and LOTS of movies/TV/games/sleep.

    I think I need to schedule some vacation.

  6. Too many rules. You’ve been away from home a lot lately. I think that you needed a day to make it your own once more. 🙂

  7. Shame on you!!! I expect you do do better, and soon! We had a jammie day here today as my girly was sick. Good excuse to cuddle up on the couch together, though too bad her being sick had to be the reason for it!

  8. Well, I guess we can let your flagrant disregard for the rules slide….

    This time.

    If you’d just apply yourself, I’m sure you could live up to your ‘jammie day’ potential.


  9. Slacker! In December I had 3 weeks off for Christmas shutdown. Can you say Jammie month? O ya O ya I rock. Sleepytime pants are the best. If you don’t get better at this we will have to declare you a failure.

  10. Hi Sue – just stopping by for the first time in a long time. Sorry to hear about your father, but it sounds like you handled things beautifully – as well as anyone could in a situation such as this. Hoping you got some comfort out of jammie day even if you did bend the rules.

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