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Something happened recently to some friends of ours that got me a bit riled up. Of course, I'm going to share it… I want to see if I'm just over-reacting or if you agree with me that the people in this situation went way out of bounds in their "job".

We have some friends who had a chocolate lab dog stray show up at their door. It was in fairly tough shape, and they took it in and bathed it, fed it, and took care of it for a few days. Once they got it cleaned up they could tell she'd recently had puppies and she was really dehydrated (my friend is a nurse and recognized the signs). They took good care of her and they were getting attached – as was their small child.

Being good people, they started worrying that there may be someone missing her. They called the animal rescue league to see if anyone had reported her missing. They told then no one had, and ended the conversation.

A few hours later my friend took her child and went to the grocery store. When she returned, she found the animal rescue league people had come to their home and taken the dog! No, my friends had not given them their address – they got it off of their caller ID! No, they didn't TELL the ARL to come get the dog. As a matter of fact, they were thinking they liked her so much they'd keep her if there was no owner to claim her. Did the ARL think to ASK them? No. They just looked up their address, came to their home, and took the dog off their property!

Am I over-reacting to be totally pissed about this? What do you think?

In other happier news… it's Michael's birthday! Happy Birthday, friend!

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13 thoughts on “Big Brother”

  1. Oh my gosh! I would be completely PISSED! What if that was their dog? I mean, not a stray, but their dog left at home? Why would they just come take it? WTF?!?!

    Jeez. Are they going to try to get him back? How awful 🙁

  2. You aren’t overreacting. That action is ludicrous and might possibly be reason for legal action for, if nothing else, trespassing (although I think a good lawyer could make a list). What the hell??? Something somewhere has to be missing — either a piece of information or some screws in the ARL people’s heads.

    I’m bit on protecting animals, but, damn, not when they aren’t actually in danger! Why protect a dog from KINDNESS and GOOD CARE? I think someone on the ARL side might be an asswipe.

  3. What the!? They don’t even have proof that it was the dog or where the dog came from but they came based on a call??? This blows my mind. Totally unethical!

  4. Yeah I’m with everyone else here…no over reaction on your part. Serious trespassing issues and the ARL people did not have any IDEA what dog they were taking off the property, so you could add stealing to the list too. They should go get the damn dog back and tell the ARL to calm the F down!

  5. That sounds like trespassing to me — I would call the cops. Considering the dog was being taken care of better than it would’ve been in any shelter, I’m at a loss for words on what they could’ve possibly been thinking.

  6. This is quite disturbing. It seems that a telephone call could have been made beforehand. Your friends should figure out who came, call them and threaten to call the cops on them for trespassing.

  7. No, that’s disgraceful – how could they even know it was the right dog. I’m disgusted and if I was your friend I would making some calls and writing some letters. I hope the dog can come back and have a lovely life with your friends.

  8. My first call would be to the cops, the second to my lawyer. That is unconscionable.

    These people have way too much power. Your friends need to take a stand before it happens again…and it will.


  9. Not over reacting at all. Once we get past the trespassing issue, how did theyknow the dog they took was the dog they were called about?
    They had no right.

  10. So if my neighbor has a barking dog I should just go ask to borrow their phone and call the ARL?

    That to me is theft. Dognapping. UNRIGHTFUL TRESPASSING. I agree with the people that say they would call the cops, lawyers, officials and probably more importantly, the papers.


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