I do this every time they change the clocks. I get crabby. Why can't they leave them the hell alone? *sigh*

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4 thoughts on “Crabby”

  1. I’m with you. Of course, when I lived in Florida DST hardly made a difference except inconvenience. Friends of mine who live in New York and places further north, though, praise the extra evening sunlight. I like my extra light in the morning, personally.

    Breathe deep. I’m happy — spring jumped us here, and I planted flowers this weekend.

  2. Me damn too…i was messed up, depressed, partially in a rage, partially lost..all day Sunday. Mad i slept late, then had to chnge the clocks, then nothing went right…I blame it all on DST…I do like it because I like the hour of light after work…but its just way too early….

  3. It is nice having the sun stay out a little later, but at the same time, it’s bit much when it’s not getting dark until 10 p.m. in June. Then again, it’s already light again by 5:30 so I guess it we wouldn’t want it light at 4:30 either.

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