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Wow. I was just flipping through my blogroll to try and do some long-overdue catching up and was amazed – and dismayed – to see how many blogs have either totally disappeared or gone private. I am tempted to throw away all the links and start from scratch. Would that be cruel? Would that be upsetting? Hrm. I may need to think about this. Do me a favor. If you've gone private and would like to let me see your blog, please send me an email and give me the link and whatever I need to know to get in, mkay? My email is sesnyde at gmail dot com. Thanks! Oh, and if I do decide to clean 'em all off and your disappears, feel free to contact me to put it back. I'd love to keep in touch.

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10 thoughts on “Keeping Current”

  1. I know — I’m getting close to the same boat. It seems there are a few that almost “over post” and then many more than either quit or are posting so infrequently. But then again, it’s not like I’ve made an effort to find new blood.

  2. I don’t think that it is cruel at all to want to reorganize your blog life. I recently wiped out my blog roll entirely and completely revamped my Google Reader feeds as well. It felt good and right and all that other stuff!

  3. I got way behind on my blog reading and have been trying to catch up. The other day though I must have hit a time when you were updating the blog or something… wouldn’t you know it and I couldn’t connect. I was going to come back later and then lost all my time. ACK!!!

    BTW – don’t know how long you’ve had this up, but I like this theme. 😉

  4. Well, you knoiw I’ll never go private. Or maybe you don’t, but if I ever did, you’d totally be on the list of ‘invited readers.’


  5. I have been so bad about posting and commenting, I wouldn’t blame you for taking me off. That dang facebook is taking away blogging time.

  6. Your blog roll is yours, not some method of exchange. I don’t expect the blogs I link to link to me (unless they want to) and I don’t necessarily link to all that DO link to me. I link to what I like, what’s more or less active, and what I think is worth/should be shared.

    Lots of people — me included — just haven’t had a lot to say.

    You do what you think you should do, lady. I’ll still be checking up on you.

  7. Yeah I totally get that. I have been posting so infrequently…I’m trying really hard to make sure that I am not burning up my writing energy on my blog when I have some outside writing obligations that I’ve been struggling with…sigh. I also agree that your blogroll is yours and no one else gets a vote.

  8. Yeah…me too. Its just too hard to to speak sometimes. Lately i have nothing to say to am I just afraid to say it? And its spring, i always am so busy with yard, son graduating, stuff like that.

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