Some Day I’d Like To…

….kick some virus-trojan-spyware-malware creator creep's ass up between his/her ears.

I've just spent days… DAYS… trying to get something called Hacktool.Rootkit off my computer at work. It was a stinker. My anti-virus would keep catching it, and saying it was deleted, but that I needed to reboot to get rid of it altogether. Then when I would reboot, it would find it and catch it again. We (the tech support people at my company and myself) tried 101 different ways to get rid of it. Finally, we were able to get an updated copy of our Norton that would kill it for good.

Oh… and after I kick the ass of the person who creates these things, I would kick the ass of the guys in my office who get on my computer when I'm not there and surf the net, picking UP this shit. Grrrrr….

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11 thoughts on “Some Day I’d Like To…”

  1. For a few days last week, Firefox wouldn’t let me into your blog because it was causing a security risk. Something to do with viruses, I think–I don’t remember. Anyway, a couple of days worth of that and then ‘voila!’ everything was better! Wonder if your virus had anything to do with that?

  2. I picked up some oddball virus that paraded as virus PROTECTION and then, when I immediately told it NO GO AWAY CEASE, and started deleting it, managed to put just enough kinks in my system that I could not interact online (I could go anywhere and LOOK, but nothing else).

    Had to reformat. Feh. On the good side, I back up a LOT and I cleaned a bunch of accumulated crap from the computer. So, not SO bad, but I still don\\\’t have all my software installed.

    After you kick his/her virus writing ass around, I vote for coating in honey and tying to an ant hill.

    Can you lock said idiot guys out of your system? Se them up a separate profile so you can log their browsing and then wreak sweet vengeance upon them?

  3. I went through the same thing with a piece of malware parading itself as a virus protection program. It took me hours to find and disable the program.
    I want a search-and-destroy program I can unleash on the perps who start this crap.

  4. Someone else got it on to your comp? Now THAT would piss me off. Jeez, like it isn’t already frustrating enough to begin with! I am happy they finally got rid of it!

  5. Uh, yeah, I’d be password-protecting my computer and not letting anyone have access to it anymore. That’s just wrong, and they’re OBViously not going to work-related websites if they’re picking up crap like that.

    If they need your computer for work when you’re not there (but not the internet), couldn’t you set up a password to the network connection? That way the WORK stuff would stay accessible – but the internet they can do on their own time, and clog up their own computer with all that crap. That or install the same sorta parental software people have to keep their kids from going places they shouldn’t. 🙂 Tough to argue with that one, actually.

  6. I picked up one that required me to completely restore my computer… Not even the geeks could get rid of it. Yeah, I’m with you on kicking some hacker ass.

  7. I was getting that same warning when I was hitting your site. If I were you, I’d go get Avast!. They have a free version, and I think the pro (pay) version is like $40.

    It kicks Norton’s ass up one side of the street and down the other.

    Glad you got your ‘puter back on it’s….well…feet.

  8. Sadly, once the slimy vermin jerks have gotten on your system, about the only way to be sure you have completely rid yourself of the creeps is to do a fresh reinstall, then totally patch.

    Don’t be surprised if you end up with the same issues in a very short period of time. They just disguise themselves so well. ARGGGG!!!! Hate those vermin. Hate!!!

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