I Can Barely Contain Myself…

…I just found out that our neighbors that shoot guns all hours of the day and night, especially holidays… that shoot them toward our house… 

are MOVING in July.

I'll bet you can see my smile from there, can't you?

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7 thoughts on “I Can Barely Contain Myself…”

  1. I was wondering what that big glow was on the horizon off to the east, now I know.
    Oh, wait a minute, that was sunrise….
    I’m so confused…….

  2. You lucky @#$%*! (Said in the most loving of tones, of course!) The house across the street from mine has been empty for a year. A family moved in at 12:57 AM(!) Friday night/Sat. morning. I’ve heard nothing but their kid riding that damned 4 wheeler back & forth across their yard ever since! Grrrrrr!

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