This weekend turned out to be perfect. The newlyweds flew into town Friday night via a friends’ small airplane. We picked them up and hubby said it was “just like picking up rock stars”! Our airport is so small, though, that we were the only ones there. It’s pretty “self-serve”.

Saturday it rained all day, but DD and I went shopping anyway. Went to the greenhouse and spent a fortune on plants. Then went shopping for animal stuff (toys, food, etc.) that is a typical monthly run. After that we did a wee bit of clothes shopping – well, it WAS on sale!… oh, and Honey, it’s been in the closet for AGES… 😉

Saturday night it was nice enough for son’s car races – he came in 2nd! SIL went with Hubby and MIL, and all was well with the world. DD and I rented movies, ordered Chinese take-out (unbelievable – the town they live in is bigger than ours and they don’t have a good Chinese restaurant!), stuffed our faces with junk food and put on our jammies! YIPPEE! Not exactly jammie day, but close enough.

Sunday we had a lovely, sunny day. Didn’t get so much rain that it kept Hubby out of the field, so he went back to planting and SIL helped. Such a good guy!

We grilled out that evening and sat on the deck watching the puppies playing in the yard and visiting. Very enjoyable. After supper we took the kids out to catch the plane and watched them fly off into the sunset. Sad, but they’ll be back.

A perfect weekend.

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