Crazy Day

After such a nice weekend, today has been a shock to my system.

I’d planned on working until 3 o’clock, then I wanted to go home and get my flowers planted that I got Saturday. (Yesterday was still too muddy.) I get a phone call from my eldest daughter asking if I can pick up grandson from school and run her around – SIL car was getting some repairs done and she wants to drop it off for him at his work so she doesn’t have to go out again at 10 pm to pick him up. Yes, I say, I can do that.

So, I get off at noon. Run over to the field and have a “touch-base-hi-howareya” lunch with Hubby, then home. I decide I need to get some more hostas and so forth dug out of the old house gardens to transplant, so go over there and work on that for an hour or so. Home, a few things in the ground, when Hubby calls me on the phone to say he can’t get a response from son who is helping him – can I go get him on the phone or radio. Yes… I live to serve. Back in the car, zoom the 2 miles to son’s house – only to find him sitting in the pickup with the radio to his mouth. OBVIOUSLY he’s now talking to Hubby. Thanks for letting me know, ANYONE. Grrrr.

Back to our house, where I look at the clock, look at myself, and decide I must change clothes before I pick up grandson or will scare the other children. It’s windy out and I look like some grungy bag-woman in my wind-blown hair, dirt-covered torn gardening clothes.

Presentable once more, I take off for the small town my grandson goes to school in – about 30 miles away. I’m there early, actually, and wait for him to show his smiling face… Wait… he almost didn’t recognize me! His mom called the school, but no one told him I was coming… The after-school helpers look at me curiously, then seem to breath a sigh of relief when I was recognized after all.

An hour and a half later, after running all over, I am once again home. Now it is time to fix supper for Hubby and deliver it to the field. After that I am finally able to go back to my planting.

9 o’clock. Puppies have been out. Shower has been taken and I feel sorta human again. Most of the plants are in before the rain comes tonight. Hubby finishes his field and just called to say he’ll be home soon. Today didn’t go anything like I planned… Hope tomorrow is a tad bit calmer.

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