The Fly on the Wall

Lately, that seems to be how I feel. I'm just observing all the chaos around me. There have been bits and pieces of things swirling through my mind, usually in the dead of night, that I say, "I really should blog about that"… and then? Obviously I've not. I have too many things to throw all into one post, so guess I'll make an attempt at some regularity for awhile and see if I can catch it all up. In my mind, if not in yours.

As most of you who come by here know, we live in a rural area just outside of a medium-sized town. We built our house on the edge of a timber with a creek and we are on the edge of about an 80-acre corn field. To the front of our house is the corn field, then another field, and no houses through to the next mile over, which is a fairly well-traveled paved road that we used to live on. To the back of our house is timber, a creek, more timber, a gravel road, and although we have a neighbor who lives directly across from our house, they, too, have a large yard and the house sits to the back. So it ends up they are probably a good half-mile from us. To the south, we have a large yard, then timber, creek, timber, and gun-shooting asshole (who will be moving soon. yay!). North is our driveway, which is long and follows the edge of the cornfield before exiting onto the road, then more fields and our nearest neighbor to the north is about a mile away – not counting the psycho old lady who lives right across from the end of our driveway.

At night we can see the lights of the town off in the distance (as the crow flies we're only about 3 miles out of town)… but it can be very, very quiet and dark and from our house you can't see much of any signs of life in any direction.

Cue creepy music.

A few nights ago I and my daughter both heard what appeared to be a bunny being killed in the woods. If you have never heard a bunny being killed, they scream and it isn't pleasant. It puts your goosebumps right up. What was strange, was we heard a short burst, like one being killed (kind of to the south) then a silence, then it started in again only this time longer and moving throug the woods to the north. Now I heard some other noise as well – probably whatever was killing the bunny, but daughter didn't. I can't describe the sound except it didn't sound like anything I'm familiar with. We think it may have been a hawk that picked up the bunny and was flying it through the timber, but it seemed to move slower than that and it seemed like that bunny lived… or rather died… a long time.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get Hubs awake to hear it as he's more of an outdoorsman than I am and may have been able to identify it.

Then, a couple of nights ago it got even weirder. I woke up to go to the bathroom (yea, TMI, but I'm letting you know I was awake – not dreaming) and got back in bed only to hear a huge crash in the woods that made me sit up straight. A new sound came through – one I've not heard, but have been told of. A bleeting…which I've been told is the sound a deer will make being killed. It stopped, and I froze as I heard a roar. Yes, a roar. It was no wolf, coyote and definately no kind of bird. That was a cat – and a big one. Now, the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) have tried for years to tell people that we don't have cougars (mountain lions) in this part of the country, but I beg to differ. I know people who have seen them, shot them, and had them mysteriously disappear when they've contacted the DNR about them. Some even believe they were brought back intentionally to control the deer population but that people would be outraged if they knew so it is all hush-hush. All I know is I heard something that sounded like a National Geographic special… and it was chilling. I remember when we built our house about five years ago and we spotted a large paw print that was bigger than any dog and had the characteristics of a cat print – the retractable claws. We figured then that there might be something living in the timber. It would make sense. We have tons of deer, bunnies, and other wildlife to sustain them, plus the creek for water and lots of cover.

I love living here, but in the middle of the night when you hear those sounds it can feel like you are in the middle of the wilderness, not three miles from town. Needless to say, I watch the puppies very carefully when they go out!

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8 thoughts on “The Fly on the Wall”

  1. The DNR just recently and reluctantly said they will possibly consider the possibility that we have cougars here in the UP. And the UP is about as rural as you can get. (I’ve always said that this is the place to put a murdered body–it would NEVER be found. I think there still may be unexplored ares here.) For YEARS, there have been cougar sightings and the DNR has denied the existence. Someone said if they acknowledged that we have cougars, then it would cost them lots of money for management, etc, and that’s why the denials. It just all is kind of ridiculous, though. That all being said, I’m just happy there haven’t been any sightings close to our town–the coyotes are scary enough!

  2. Yikes!

    I got scared as soon as I started reading just felt like it was going to be scarey! 🙂

    I wouldn\’t be going out alone at night, if I were you!

  3. It can be spooky when you hear sounds in the night.
    I well remember one night when we awoke in the middle of the night to hear coyotes at the East end of the field (about a half mile). A cow had dropped a calf, and they were trying to get to it.
    Off we went into the night with the rifle and a flashlight. When we turned on the flashlight, there were red eyes at the edge of the woods.
    One shot was enough to scare them off, and we brought the cow and calf to the barn, but the look of the red eyes in the darkness haunted my dreams for a long time afterwards.

  4. Noises in the night. Wee!

    As for fly on the wall — would you throw things at me if I said that is my symptom when depression is creeping up on me? Seriously, you have cause, and you are out of “supporting everyone else” mode, so maybe…

    But, yeah, stay out of the woods at night, yo!

  5. Oh that\\\\\\\’s too weird. We\’re on about 3.5 acres where we are, and all our neighbors are 5, 10 and up. And recently the bunnies and deer in the area vanished for a while. And we saw a cougar shortly after that.


    About a week later it mustve moved on or got caught because the critters are back and seem to be happy.

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