Da Blues

I’ve got the blues. I can’t figure out why I’m so glum.

It’s been so gloomy the past couple of days… the weatherman keeps threatening that it’s going to rain, but it keeps piddling out before it gets to us. Still, we get the gloom. I don’t think it’s the weather.

I’ve been busy at work. Finally got the gigantic pile of filing completely caught up. (I hate filing.) That was a feeling of accomplishment.

I finished watching the movies I’d rented over the weekend last night and need to return them today. That was a good feeling.

I need to go to the library and pick up some things they’re holding for me. New books always make me happy.

I managed to clean some at home last night – something I’d been putting off. Another feeling of accomplishment.

I think I got a good nights’ sleep.

My flowers I planted are all coming along beautifully.

My kids are all healthy and happy.

So what’s up?

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2 thoughts on “Da Blues”

  1. Maybe it’s because spring isn’t all the way here yet? At least it isn’t here.

    I’ll do your filing for you! I don’t mind filing. Although my personal office files need going through. I should do that before volunteering to do someone elses filing!

  2. I think you need a Jammie Day! Hopefully it rains and you and hubby can take it easy this weekend.

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