Can’t Catch a Break

So, I’m all set for the rain and for ‘jammie day’ on Saturday. First off, I try to leave work early Friday so I can fly around in a tizzy trying to get laundry, cleaning, all that “weekend” stuff done so I can be a lazy pile of shit on Saturday. One of the big bosses calls me and has a special project he wants done a.s.a.p. He’s never called me before. He’s never wanted anything from me. Why today? Crap.

I get home -later than usual, and try to work up some energy to do all that I planned. The operative word here being ‘try’.

Saturday morning I get up to the pitter-patter of rain! YES! Oh, but NOOOOOO… it stops. We didn’t get more than a few sprinkles. Now I have to face the fact that I will not be having a jammie day. My spirit crumples into a ball the size and shape of the pile of dirty laundry sitting in the corner.

Because of lack of rain, hubby goes out to plant some more. The weekend is a bust. I’m back at work, jammie-day-less and not a happy camper.

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One thought on “Can’t Catch a Break”

  1. Sorry you missed out on Jammie Day! What a bummer!

    Seems Karma was against ya.

    Our weather has been schizo too. Snow two weeks ago. We’ve had high 70s. Sunday night and most of Monday it rained. Yesterday was in the 60s. Rest of the week chance of afternoon showers…

    My lilac is close to blooming. Long as we don’t get more snow, I guess I’ll live.

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