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You know, one of the best things about this blogging thing is the nice people I’ve “met”. I don’t live in one of the the hotspots where most of the people I like to read seem to be located (Atlanta, for one). I’m rather anti-social anyway, so this works out well for me. More on that later. I just wanted to say I really appreciate the help I got in learning to create links in my blog from Amanda ! Thank you so much, Lady! I’m gradually learning this stuff… I’m one of those old dogs who was raised on a Commodore 64 who thought I’d died and gone to heaven when they came out with a Commodore 128! Yeah, I’ve been through a few upgrades since then… I’m kind of a tech junkie. Doesn’t mean I know as much about them as I’d like. I’m really pretty jealous of my oldest son who is going to school to get a degree in MIS. I’d love to do that if I didn’t have a thousand things on my plate. Oh, well… in another lifetime. Again, I really do appreciate your hand-holding and patience.

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  1. No problemo.
    When Commodore 64 was around, I wasn’t interested at all. My brother’s were more into it.

    I didn’t learn anything about computers until about 1995.

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