Happy Self-Love Day 2010

Thanks to Hilly for the graphic and the thought behind this.

The idea is to post something about yourself that you love and to open it up to comments as to what others love about you as well. To people who have known me for any time at all it should be apparent this is a difficult post. I have spent years trying to learn to love myself… any part of myself. I don’t accept compliments well, I don’t see myself as others do, and I have spent most of my life trying to block out the voices in my head that were put there from the first, oh, say, twenty years.

Since I have to pick one thing I’m going to go with…my sense of humor. I like that I can generally find something funny in most things in life. I admit it is a dark kind of humor (think “Dexter”) but I like to think it isn’t hurtful. I try to laugh WITH you, not AT you…

Having said that… whatcha got for me? Anything? C’mon. I can take it.

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