What a Difference a Month Makes

A month. A whole month. I suck at blogging these days. So much for the “every day” thing. However, I must say I’ve done a few things right since I’ve not been blogging…

Around mid-January I decided I’d let my diabetes have free run long enough and I was going to try and reign it in again. Oh, I’d been taking my medicine, and hadn’t gone totally hog wild with the food, but fall and Christmas kicked my ass in the numbers. I wasn’t checking often because I knew the cookies and candy and rich foods I was eating was probably going to reflect badly … so, denial became my best friend. I forced myself onto the scale and at a (surprisingly NOT all-time high) weight of 205 I decided to take charge of this body and get my butt in gear. I don’t want this blog to become a diet / health blog, but I may refer to my milestones from time to time, just ’cause, yannow… it IS still my blog.

So I started watching what I ate. I started faithfully recording my blood sugar numbers daily. I started to move this couch potato body by walking. I started on January 15.

As of today, March 15, I have lost 20 pounds, 3 pant sizes, and am walking 2 miles a day… trying to work up to a 5K donut run taking place on April 10th. (That’s about 3 miles. Yeah, I had to ask too). I probably won’t actually be “running”, but hey… I’m glad just to be walking that far. Right now? I have another 30 pounds to go to reach my “ideal” weight by the powers that be. I have to go back to the doctor in April and after he threatened to put me on insulin if I didn’t get my numbers in shape, I’m hoping that my progress will be good enough by then to keep me off the insulin. A bonus would be if I could avoid blood pressure medicine (another possibility at the moment), and maybe even cut back on the medicines I’m already on. That may be asking for too much as I’ve been diabetic for about 20 years and the damage may be too far gone. I’m just thinking the better weight, better health, has got to help – in whatever way possible. I mean, it can’t hurt, can it?

So… that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m still hoping to get over to see you all more often and hoping to get here myself a little more regularly, but right now? I seem to be keeping kind of busy “offline”…

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9 thoughts on “What a Difference a Month Makes”

  1. That’s tremendous! At least you are spending your offline time in good things 🙂 Here I was worried you were staring at the snow and despairing of spring.

  2. Way to go! The doctor has threatened me with Insulin also. My reaction was to not associate with him. So far this strategy has been successful, although I HAVE put on five pounds.

  3. I just saw my internist yesterday and he put me on yet another BP med. I KNOW that losing weight would help the blood pressure, so I’m hoping this will be my wake-up call. You are an inspiration! Keep up the good work–I hope to be joining you soon.

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