I was gently prodded by a blog-friend to update this space. I got to looking and couldn’t believe I’ve not been around here all summer. That’s crazy. I missed so many little (and big) things I should have blogged about, the least of which was my blogiversary in August!

I’ll try to give it to you in small doses…

I see when I left off in May I was in a size 6 and not expecting to get smaller. Well. I have lost a total of 75 lbs, recently got into a size 2, and am for the most part in the best shape of my life. With one exception. My back (neck) is a mess again. No, I didn’t hurt it running. It has just gradually gotten more painful through the summer and after trying to let the chiropractor do some gentle physical therapy type stuff on me, it has come down to an MRI on Wednesday and an appointment with the local pain clinic in a couple of weeks. I’m hoping I can make it until then seeing as I’ve gone back to work full time again (summer is really over) and it seems to be the most painful when I’m sitting… and, yes, working on the ‘puter. Will keep fingers crossed that they come up with a solution and I can put off my third back surgery, at least for awhile. (Oh, and before anyone says it… I DO EAT and I am not anorexic or bulemic and I’m not an exercise freak. It has just been slow and steady and watching not to eat too many ‘no-no’s)

Family is doing well:

Eldest daughter had a brief setback this summer, but after some changes in medication it appears she’s on the right track again. I worry so about her, and continually pray she finds peace and happiness.

Eldest son and his wife are still playing happy homemakers. Looking at fencing and a new puppy in their future.

Younger daughter ended up with her dream job after all… and only a short commute. Hasn’t been there long, but it is looking like it is going to be a great fit.

Youngest and his wife are just coming off of a pretty successful racing season. He had some big wins this year and ended up second in points at one of the tracks he races at. Now he and Hubs have to buckle down and get the grain harvest started.

I’ll try to come by a little more often… oh, and get by to see you all as well. Hopefully you’ve been better at this blogging thing than I have been!

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3 thoughts on “Fall”

  1. I’m so happy to see your blog pop up in my Reader. I’ve missed you! Was wondering how you were getting on. I’m glad to hear things are continuing to be good (way to go on all the weight loss!) and the family is happy and healthy. I hope things with your neck are figured out.

    Take good care of you.


  2. Hey, Girl…glad to see you back, and still optimistic.

    I can’t believe you have gotten into a size two, for goodness sakes! I do believe it…I’m just green with envy. 🙂

    I hope you will tell me how, exactly, how you did that, sometimes. Was it just the walking, mostly? If so, I can believe that…while I was growing up, and into my teens, I walked everywhere, and grew into a very lean, slim, adult. Now…..:(

    If walking is mostly how you did it, I’m gettin’ out my walkin’ shoes!

    Well, as soon as my sciatica clears up, anyway! LOL

  3. Good to hear you have comtinued on your journey to a lesser Sue. Mrs A and I have been on a similar journey. We have both lost about 25 lbs. (that’s each).
    She just went below 170 and I just went below 180, territory we have not seen in some time.
    I soooo relate to the neck pain. My doctor has me on a muscle relaxer and percocet, only I won’t take the Percocet because I hate the way it makes me feel.
    Glad the family is doing better.
    And we would appreciate an update a little more often

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