O.M.G.! Has it really been three YEARS since I was here? What in the hell got into me? So much has been going on and is going on now that I really am getting fired up to go at it again. Just found out one of my favorite bloggers, Sizzle, is retiring her blog. I see so many people doing that or, like me, just abandoned the thing for other endeavors. The guy who handles my site sends me messages every year when it is time to renew the subscription asking if I want him to just archive all my posts and send them to me and shut down the site. Well, um… no. I always had faith I’d get back to it. It just took time. Lots of time. So, bear with me as I post about some things that have gone on in my absence and some things that are new and eventually my timelines with come to a singular point. Good for you? Here we go…

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