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So, I thought I’d start (since I’m so far behind) by telling you something old and something new. That way, maybe we can catch up to each other?

Old: Probably one of the biggest, most exciting, and life-changing things that has happened since we last were together… is I have a new granddaughter! She was born on June 1 and is two-and-a-half years old. She also was partially named for me! Squee! I was so proud and overwhelmed. Such an honor. I love her to pieces and she’s really changed our world. She is the daughter of my youngest (son) and she only lives about two miles away so I get to see lots of her. She has long blonde hair and the biggest blue eyes and the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen. I may be a bit biased, but a lot of other people seem to think so too. Her mom and dad had a miscarriage about a year before they conceived her, so it was quite a wonderful thing when she came along. I will always remember when we were told they were pregnant, because it was the same day as my youngest daughter’s wedding! That’s a story for another day, but when they told us we were to keep it quiet and was that ever hard to do! Well, that’s long over now and I did manage to keep the secret. Now we just feel blessed every day to have her in our lives.

New: I don’t know if anyone remembers (or cares) that I am a type 2 diabetic. Well, I go hot and cold when it comes to taking care of myself. The past year has been another Pepsi-chocolate-sugar fueled whirlwind of BAD. I take my medicine, but have missed all my doctor appointments and have in general been not good. So, 10 days ago (January 5) I started the “21 Day Sugar Detox”. There is a whole book and program devoted to it as well as a Face Book support group. I’ve been good! so excited. More on that later as well. Gotta run for now.

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