New Days, Old Attitude

Where do I start? I’m so frustrated. Big surprise. Mom still has a pissy attitude. “I’m never getting out of here.” “I’m leaving here in a box.”

In between those comments she’s trying to get up by herself or she doesn’t get up the way that physical therapy has taught her, she’s trying to walk without the walker, tells me she’s gotten up at night and gone to the bathroom herself, is being a brat about eating (she’s lost 5 pounds since she’s been at rehab)… and her mind is still somewhat confused, although better since she doesn’t have the heavy duty pain meds.

Yesterday they called to make a doctor appointment with the orthapedic surgeon as he wanted to see her in a month and didn’t want her to put her full weight on her bad side until then, but since she’s been ignoring that rule and doesn’t seem to be having a great amount of pain from that they want him to see her and sign off on her being able to put her full weight on that leg. She had a fit and was all upset that she was getting worse because she was going to see the doctor next monday. Trying to explain to her that she is going to check her progress was like trying to talk to a chair.

She also has PT (Physical Therapy) – where they work on her lower half. OT (Occupational Therapy) – where they work on her upper body, and ST (Speech Therapy) – where they are going trying to work on her memory. First, they put the daily appointments on a whiteboard and she constantly asks me what they mean. She’s even written them down and still can’t remember or remember to look at where she wrote it down. The ST gal put a big sign up in front of mom that tells her not to get up out of her chair and to use her call light. She keeps telling me to take it down. Because. She’s. Ignoring. It.

Yesterday they had a photocopied sheet of some exercises for her to do in her room that they didn’t have time for at PT. The therapist asked me to help her with them. Fine. Mom looked at the sheets and when I asked her if she wanted to do them, she said no – and threw them in my face.

I’ve been leaving at about 5-ish when they take her outside of her room to supper. She went to the bathroom before supper and she is to sit on the toilet and pull the call cord for the nurse to come back and help her. I’m in her room and hear a banging and it is her at the bathroom door! I ask if she called the nurse – “No”. I said firmly, “You aren’t supposed to be up without the nurse holding onto you!” I get a “SHUT UP”. ARRRRRGGGHHHHH. I just want to walk away and never go back.

Today there is ice so I’m not going down. I warned her yesterday before I left. Since she has called me every day I’ve been a few minutes late to ask me where I am (Usually about 5 minutes away), I figured she call me today. A few minutes ago? Yup. She called. Wanted to know what the weather was doing here. I told her, it was freezing rain. “Well, it isn’t doing anything here.” I happen to know after listening to the news this morning that they had some freezing rain there, too, and she hasn’t been out since she got there so how the hell would she know?!?! I know what she was implying.

They said last week at her staffing that she would probably be in rehab a month. Being with her every day and seeing how she is fighting the process, I could see her bones healing in a month and her mind still being messed up. Then I don’t know what we’ll do. She has an assisted component of her apartment complex where they can move her – it is an assisted living and memory care building. She told me when she moved into her independent living apartment that she never wanted to have to move into that building but what do you do if she can’t take care of herself? I guess maybe her negativity is rubbing off on me. Maybe she’ll be just fine in a month and will be able to go back to her apartment. I hope so. In the mean time I’m just going to go quietly crazy over here in my own world. ACK.

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