Puppy Saga Continues

Ahhh… well, I’ve got more info. The “torture” collar (my name) is called a “pinch collar”. I found a “Gentle Leader” today and purchased one to try. They aren’t cheap, are they? I also got a harness to try. We’ll see how they get along in the next few days.

On a happier note, my daughter got here today for the week… I’m so tickled!! We got her new pup this afternoon, too. It is such a sweetie… such a small thing. It’s like having grandchildren or children…you have a tendency after awhile to forget how tiny they start out. I can’t believe how big my 7 month old pups look compared to this little 9-week-old. Along the same lines, it is a “grand-critter” and I’m glad my daughter is here to take care of her. It will be nice not to have to jump up in the middle of the night when she cries… for the most part, mine are over that now and sleep through the night. I say for the most part, because we still have minor trauma when there are storms or a full moon. Guess they’re a lot like me in that regard.

Looking forward to spending lots of quality time with both daughter and new grand-critter.

Have a good holiday, everyone. Remember the ones you love… the ones that have gone before, and the ones who are still around.

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2 thoughts on “Puppy Saga Continues”

  1. No they aren’t cheap but my dog actually HEELS on a Gentle Leader. On her regular nylon collar she about pulls my arm out of its socket.

  2. Shasta did much better this weekend with all our rain and thunder. She still gets so scared she shakes when she hears the thunder.

    What about the moon – too bright for them to sleep?

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