Handy or Handicapped?

Okay, this post isn’t fair to the handicapped. I hope nobody gets upset. I have handicapped friends and I love them dearly, so don’t get all ticked at me, ‘kay?

I wanted to make a point. Hubby is a wonderful guy. He is very smart, very talented, and can figure out and fix about anything mechanical (with a motor) on the planet. He can fabricate metal. He can juggle two remotes, a can of beer, a half a pizza, and a cat. He can not dance, or sing, but hey! he’s got lots of other talents.

One thing he is not is domesticated in some areas. Yes, when pressed he can grill a mean steak or fry and egg. He can run the vacuum and operate a washer-dryer. He seems to still have a few problems with directions.

Case in point. Tonight I went to my parents with a friend. We went to dinner. I left Hubby a detailed note about critter care (they were all cared for) and the lovely supper I’d left him in the crock pot. Roast, potatoes, carrots, mmmm mmmmm good. He was going racing with youngest son. Fine. He was going to come home first, shower, eat, etc..

I get home at 9 p.m. to the smell of burning food. A phone call later-

Me: Hon, what part of the note that said, “Turn the crock pot off or to warm” didn’t you understand?
Hubby: I didn’t read the note
Me: Because?
Hubby: I thought you told me everything

We’ve been married for 25+ years. The training continues.

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