I Missed It!

Oh. My. God. I can’t believe it. I missed it. Me. The Queen of the Calendars. The Appointment Diva. The “One Who Remembers Your Birthday When You Don’t“.

I missed my blog-versary! A year ago, August 26, I started this journey into cyberspace. A year. That’s longer than I’ve stuck by almost any diet thing in my life (excluding kids and Hubby, of course!) As with you, this space as evolved…most of you now intimately familiar with my family and extended family and ex-tended family. Some of you originally thought it seemed sappy and sentimental and have since learned although I am sappy and sentimental, I’m also bitter and bitchy and sarcastic and oh-so-wise-beyond-my-years. (Just checking to see if you were still here.)

We’ve gone back and forth with tales of critters and grandcritters and children and grandchild and gardens and weather and crisis and contentment. What a hodgepodge a year makes! I started this mostly for myself… a kind of on-line secret diary that I figured no one in my real life would ever find. Silly me. I forgot I have friends like bloodhounds and one daughter who is my clone. Still, I’ve prided myself on trying not to let that deter what I say or how I say it. I figure they know me well enough to let the fur fly where it may.

Ironically enough, I’m not a people-person in real life, but in this media I’ve found I enjoy hearing from others and reading about others’ lives. I enjoy the validation I get in comments and e-mails that my opinion does matter and gee…someone besides me “gets” my MIL. That we all have co-workers that are disgusting or we can commiserate when a mommy has to go back to work or cheer when someone has a beautiful friendship blossom into a relationship. Although we all walk on tip-toes when it comes to discussing co-workers, some of us have paid the ultimate price for this honesty. To share in another’s unbounded joy or someone’s heartbreak. A blessing in disguise? A warning? Or just a chance for us to send out virtual hugs…? I’ve found people I consider friends, although I’ve never met them. Some of them almost a spiritual twining. I’ve seen pictures of people young enough to be my kids, with kids of their own. I’ve had contact with people from coast to coast and listened to some of the bravest, most honest (and sometimes disturbing ) stories from some of the most talented writers I’ve ever had the privilege to read. Some people I’ve just found and I know as time goes on I’ll find more. I’m just having so much fun sharing your lives and your stories. I want to thank you.

Wow. A year. Those of you with kids or debilitating illness can understand how quickly that can go by. I can’t believe I’ve been sitting here spitting all this out into cyberspace like some three-day-old undercooked chicken. You’d think it would end sometime, huh? Lucky for you… I’ve still got words.

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  1. Happy anniversary, and what a great way to tribute to everyone. I might have to borrow your format when my time comes (with proper attribution, of course);)

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