We’ll Get Back to You

I hate that phrase. Especially when it is coming from someone at tech support. My tech support. My internet provider.

I have spent all day in an internet-free zone. This means I cannot e-mail friends and family. I cannot blog. I cannot peruse newsworthy items or check what the weather is doing. Shut up. I don’t want to look out the window! Oh, and did I mention I can’t do my job? Arrrggghh!

So, instead of merrily tapping away on my computer I was stuck in the hell that is known as filing paperwork. Did I mention I hate paperwork? Did I perhaps mention I hate filing? Not just the act of putting paperwork into a file folder, but the necessary evil of having to a.) write on said folder and b.) write several big words onto little 1/2″ scraps of paper known as a tab or label in some type of legible way. Did I mention I hate filing?

Besides the pain it is to have to sing the alphabet song to myself several times in a minute, it is also physically a pain. All the letters of the alphabet can’t be within reach, so you have to hop to your feet (I don’t hop well anymore) to get to the letters that are just out of reach when you are sitting at the file table. Not only do you have to get up to actually file the document, but you have to check to see if there is a file already made, then, if it isn’t, you sit down once more to make this file and once again have to get up to put the freshly-made file in place. I don’t know how those file clerks do it. Oh. Yeah. They’re young and nimble. I haven’t been nimble now for at least 10 years. Let me re-think that. I was never nimble.

I hope that tech support person that was to ‘get back to me’ will get this problem figured out for tomorrow. I really don’t want to file another day.

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