List be Done

If it was only so easy to make my ‘to do’ list disappear! Say the magic words and… voila! The chores are done.

It’s been raining here for two days. Two days of sort-of rain… drizzle…cold…windy…ick. I woke up this morning and made an executive decision. No one would be working in the fields today, so I was taking the day off work and getting some things done at home. Yeah, right. The thought was made with every good intention, but we all know the familiar phrase about a certain road to hell…

I did manage to accomplish a couple of things today. One, I got my fax machine cleaned so I now make crystal clear copies and faxes. That was fun considering I’d never done it before and after moving to a new house I had no clue where the manual would be. Thank goodness for the internet! I was able to download the manual, fix the problem, and go on to the next thing. That involved setting up a wireless network in my home. I’ve had the hardware, but no time to set it up since moving and now am able to get things off my desktop at the click of a button. Or print. Or get online. It’s very nice. It will be even better when the nice man at the internet provider gets in touch. That’s another story.

I even cleaned my oven. Oooooo… Yeah, okay, it’s a self-cleaning oven, but still

Those of you who have been following my Christmas saga will be happy to note I got the cutest fake trees in urns (lighted, of course) to put on each side of my front door. Very classy. DH comes home… ‘Isn’t it a bit early for Christmas trees?’ No, I did not act on my violent momentary thought. I unplugged said trees and will plug them in again next weekend… when it can be officially the Christmas season.

Still looking for a decent looking big tree for the family room that is a.) lighted and b.) doesn’t cost me my first born child. I can find a., but b. is becoming a problem. I was going to go for two trees, but that is beginning to look decidedly NOT an option. I am still considering going with a large one upstairs and the groupings of three of the ‘woodsy’ type ones for down… or I’ll do the big one down and just cover my 10′ ficus tree with lights upstairs. Still considering.

One more project I’m trying to finish before next week involves painting and large canvases. I have a wall downstairs that I’m wanting to hang some large abstract art on, and being as I’ve got a semi-artistic streak, I was going to just do them myself. That’s okay, as long as I get them done in time for them to get dry and hung… maybe better be starting those soon, huh?

Last, but not least, on my ‘dressing up the house’ list is a photograph art wall. I’ve got spotlights installed with the intent of hanging some of my favorite photos of the kids, pets, etc., all done in black and white on this wall. I was going through some old photos today trying to find some of my favorites, and I’m ended up with waaaay too many. Damn, my kids were cute… I know, that sounds awfully conceited, but they were! Now, my daughter says to me… ‘you mean we’re not cute anymore, huh?’. NO, that’s not what I mean, smart-ass. But, you were cute… <sigh> Guess I’ll just have to make some hard decisions.

No wonder I’ve not had much time to write lately…!

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