Fading Fast

I think I’ve done pretty well today on such a small amount of sleep. Considering I’m NOT a morning person to start with, starting my morning so early just causes me to feel I’m now entering the “jammie zone”… the time of evening when all I want to do is put on my jammies and either climb into bed (preferably pre-heated) or lounge on my overstuffed sofa with something yummy to eat and beverage of choice.

Please do NOT call me. I have had waaaay too many phone calls today. You want your order NOW. I do not want to give it to you NOW. This does not put me in a good mood. If you want me in a good mood, tell me there is ‘no rush’. That usually works. It means I will probably get it to you faster than you thought possible, but without the grouchy after-effects.

The telephone used to be my friend. Then I went to work at the institute of higher learning in our town. This is a reasonably large place and I was the first person that people spoke to when dialing the phone number listed in all publications, phone directories, and bathroom stalls. This meant I answered the phone at least 200 times a day. No longer is that true. After working in that position for almost a year, I was very glad to move up the food chain and no longer had to answer the phone. Ever.

Now have a totally different job but I still cringe when the phone rings. I pray that whoever is calling on our home phone will call me on my cell phone – I have caller ID on the cell that allows me to screen my calls and offer me the choice of letting them leave a voicemail or just ignoring them forever. DH doesn’t understand why I want to let the answering machine pick up the phone at home and let me decide if I really want to talk to whoever is calling. He however, has a love/hate relationship with his cell phone. When it rings he invariably yells “fucking phone!” loudly, then proceeds to answer in a normal tone of voice. I ask him if he says that when I call and he says no. He’s lying.

I don’t have the option at work of ignoring the phone or yelling obscene things at it. I am, however, last person to have to answer. When everyone else is out of the office, then I must answer. Or, of course, if the call is for me. Today most calls have been for me. I resigned myself about an hour ago to staying the full day. If I’m going to be tired, by God I’m going to be REALLY tired and if that means staying here until 5 answering the fucking phone, then I’ll do it.

It’s supposed to storm tomorrow. Rain, wind, cold. Maybe I’ll get to sleep in. I’ll put that in my happy thoughts and listen to the forecast later tonight. I just may not be able to stay awake for the big debate tonight… oh, well

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  1. I’m the exact same way with the phone, except now I’ve even removed the answering machine. Every day when I came home, I have around 15 messages from the exact same people, and I’d already talked to them. I use the Caller ID to decide to take the call or not. Mostly not.

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