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Some nice people to check out – Remember to tell ’em Sue sent you. Then they can give you that blank look and say, Sue who? It’s worth it just to see the look. Trust me.

For something to laugh at – a lot – go see the people at You Knit What?? These people are a stitch (oooo…bad pun).

For more fun, try Overheard in New York and Overheard in the Office. They’ll leave you rolling on the floor. Who says real life isn’t funny…or absurd…or just plain nuts?

Manda is dipping her toe in the water over at Curious Are We. Just a beginner, but go over and tell her mom says “hi“. (Yes, you understood correctly – this is my no.1 daughter. I’m so *sniff* proud… now both my daughters are following in their mothers’ footsteps. Who’da thunk?)

PlazaJen is another midwesterner. Us “mid-country” people gotta stick together! I haven’t caught up with all her archives, but what I’ve read has been amusing and interesting.

Followed a link of Grumpy Bunny’s and found Kristin at Observations and Whatever. Some more good reading.

You probably already know Brian’s lovely wife, but I recently found her at Sheets and Blankets. I’ve got some catching up to do there, also. Damn! Why does this four-letter word called “WORK” always get in the way???

Another beginner (that I happen to have a vested interest in) is the Lazy Fat Engineer. I’m beginning to believe the first part. I always knew about the last part. The middle part, well, let’s put it this way – the only way this guy is going to be fat is if a 500 lb whale sat on his head and squished him. He’s a beanpole. But a nice beanpole. Maybe if we all go over and get on his case he’ll get busy…! He’s been a little slow getting started, despite his lovely wife and MIL prodding him…

Finally, go see flea at One Good Thing. I’ve just found this one through Michelle and it’s hit a nerve.

Okay, that’s it for this week. It seems like a lot, but some of them don’t have many entries yet (you know who you are.)

P.S. I just added a new one. I Wasn’t Always Like This. After the past couple of posts, you, too, may feel that you would like to know these people!

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  1. I like those “overheard” blogs but I’ve had to restrict myself from reading blogs to just ones from my blog buddies, otherwise I’d be online all day.

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