Oh Hubby!

Last night my wonderful, kind, loving husband told me he was going to truck grain to an elevator several miles away and wanted to get an early start so he wouldn’t have to wait in line. He told me he was setting his alarm for 5 o’clock a.m. Fine. I figure, pups usually are up by then so it’s no biggie.

Knowing the fields have probably dried off enough for them to go back to combining corn today, I even made the sandwiches for the lunches last night so I wouldn’t be stumbling around half awake this morning doing that. I was so organized I scared myself.

What time are we up this morning? Wait for it…. 3 a.m. Uh-huh. Why? Just because he woke up. Oh, he was trying to be quiet. Something you have to know about my Hubby. He is hard of hearing in one ear from all his Navy years in the boiler room on a ship. The other ear isn’t a whole lot better. Three things he cannot do: sing (okay, he can sing but is very off-key), whisper, and be quiet. He tries, God bless his soul… he just can’t tell how much noise he’s really making.

Now the pups are stirring. At. Three o’clock.

I’m outside in the 50-degree darkness staring at the big dipper as the pups race madly around the yard growling and barking and chasing each other having just a wheee of a time.

I’m back inside. I’m cold. I’m wide awake. Hubby is sitting in front of the fireplace, his coffee brewing, dressed, watching TV, and apologizing. It does no good, hon… not at this hour of the morning.

I pack up the lunches for him to take. He leaves shortly afterwards.

I go back to bed and stare at the ceiling for all of 10 minutes before deciding this is stupid and get out my book. Finally, about 4:30 I fall back asleep. Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that at 5 o’clock Hubby’s alarm clock went off. Bless his little heart, he remembered to turn it off – otherwise I may have had to kill him.

Still and all, I’m at work at 7, freshly showered, shampooed, blown-dry, painted up, and clothed. Staring at my computer and trying to figure out where I put the toothpicks that I’m going to need to prop up my eyelids later today…

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2 thoughts on “Oh Hubby!”

  1. Did I miss a picture of the pups somehow? I remember you wrote about the family. I remember cats. I don’t remember puppies. I’d love to see pictures of them.

  2. Yep. They’re there… back with the rest of the family… early September, I think was the posting of all the critters and family.

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