Tidying Up

I’m tidying up my week. This doesn’t happen often, as I don’t like to tidy anything. Ask my kids. They’ll tell you. Tidy = boring = not me.

I just want to say first off, WHEW! Aren’t we all relieved that little boy is safe and sound and back with his loved ones? Some people really aren’t meant to be parents and when they go all off the deep end like that, it can be very very scary. Some day I’ll tell you about my experience with bizarre family members. (Yes, it gets worse than what I’ve already told you!)

Next, thank you all for the kind support in my CRS (can’t remember shit) disease. I’m sure it is just a phase and I’ll be right as rain sometime soon. If not, Em has her instructions.

As far as the ETITTTS (everything I touch turns to shit), well, it’s improving somewhat. The part came for the printer and it’s whirring away even as we speak. I’ve ordered a new fax machine that Staples is kind enough to be delivering to my door on Monday, and I’ve promised not to touch anything when I come to your blog homes to visit. I’ve found the last few days I’ve brought numerous cases of bad luck along with me and I’ll be more careful. I’ll wear gloves. I’ll keep my hands in my pockets a-la crime scene investigators. I’ll try not to breathe. If that’s not good enough, I may have to stay away for awhile. I’d really hate to do that, so we’ll try this first.

In the good news department, the smoke detectors haven’t gone off again once. I haven’t seen The Boy on the roads, and YS is racing again tomorrow night – the one that got postponed from last weekend. Wish him well!

Oh, and lastly… I’m still awake! Whoot!

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6 thoughts on “Tidying Up”

  1. Sue, I’m going to have to borrow this: ETITTTS. That totally applies to me and electronics! I used to go through several computers a year, I’ve blown up megamoney stereo systems and countless vacuum cleaners. The one given is this–over the last few years I have only blown up a couple 30 dollah clock radios–maybe it’s age, maybe it’s my man refusing to let me touch anything–I dunno, but it is seeming to fade over the years, lol. There is hope!

  2. That’s great to hear!! Sounds like things are improving! I like the ETITTTS Syndrome. It isn’t hereditary is it? 🙂

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