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In honor of October being Domestic Violence Awareness month, I’ve been inspired by some brave bloggers out there. Bitchitude and 3T have done a wonderful job of sharing their stories. They make me strong. I’m ready to share. I have another blog. It’s subtitled “the other side of the happy life“. I put it out there to purge some of what I’ve gone through. Welcome to the Dark Madness.

(I’ve edited this to stay on top for awhile so everyone gets a chance at it…)

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Middle-aged. Anti-social. Mom. Grandma. Town-raised farmer's wife. Iowan. Want more? Come read the blogs.

11 thoughts on “The Brave Bloggers”

  1. Oh Sue, the whole topic leaves me without words right now. I haven’t gone through but the first few posts, but I will read more tonight (I have to go to classes right now). I think DB said it best when he mentioned “chances are you already know someone in a similar situation…” It’s eery how many women (and men) go through this kind of crap…
    Thanks for sharing so much of yourself. My thought is if something triggers for one person going through it now, it was worth the angst to write all out out. *hugs*

  2. One of my so-called faithful readers (that I never even knew I had) isn’t going to read my blog anymore due to some of my opinions in my post today. Should I care? I don’t even know who this is, nor do I think I should feel bad about the things I believe strongly in.
    Has this ever happened to you?

  3. Wow. You are inspiring. It’s sad to me that so many share similar experiences. You’re truly remarkable and I admire you too.

  4. I read that blog over there. I think you are a maverick! So brave for you to come out and say what you’re thinking and feeling about such an incredibly volatile subject.
    Good for you hon!

  5. These are both great stories from amazing women. I’m such a dumbass b/c I didn’t realize you permanently stuck that post there, so I didn’t even think to look down below for updates.

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