Friday Flashback

Originally post November 2, 2004

Dear Ex-Son-In-Law

There is a reason you are an ‘ex’. I take that back. There are several reasons. One of them is because you are a dumbass. Yes, I really mean that. I normally don’t like to be critical of the father of my grandchild, but this time you have really done it. The word fits.

Why, oh why, did you forget about Beggar’s Night? Didn’t you notice little children dressed in wild costumes going door-to-door through your neighborhood? Didn’t you turn on the television anytime this weekend and notice that Halloween was here? Didn’t my grandchild show up on your doorstep on Friday night all excited about the Halloween party he had at school that day? Didn’t he show you his costume? Didn’t he express excitement about seeing all the other kids and collecting gobs of candy? Did you really “forget” – or were you just being lazy? Either way, you are not excused. To a six-year-old, this is a big deal.


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6 thoughts on “Friday Flashback”

  1. yeah, I am reminded of how much of a bastard I thought he was. I, once more, think he’s a bastard.
    You don’t keep Halloween from a kid like that.

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