Visiting the Darkness

The link to The Dark Madness will be permanently posted over there —> so you can check it out from time to time. It isn’t there to bum anyone out. It’s just some other pieces that make up this creature known as me. Although I’ve been sending people over there recently because of the Domestic Violence Awareness month, it’s not all about DV, but rather many of those darker shades of glass that I still look through occasionally. Remember, it’s just like this blog, it’s mine and only I am subject to its critical reviews. I’m not aiming to entertain the masses, but rather purge the demons. Just so you know…

Oh, and these posts will be sinking after the end of the month, but (Becky) remember there are new posts below…

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Middle-aged. Anti-social. Mom. Grandma. Town-raised farmer's wife. Iowan. Want more? Come read the blogs.

17 thoughts on “Visiting the Darkness”

  1. It’s a good thing that you have a place to write those not so nice things down. I’m sure it helps, you get it out and that’s all that counts.
    Thanks for the link!

  2. Sue~
    I should have asked you….( I’m hoping you’re not going to mind) But I featured your The Dark Madness in my post today.
    I feel better seeing that you have put the link up on this site….but if for some reason you do mind, send me an email and I can remove it…. (I’m hoping you don’t want me to do that though)

  3. For every blog there’s a reason.
    I’ve sometimes mentioned my “other blog” and it’s piqued some curiousity, but it’s mine and I don’t feel the need to share it with anyone. Nothing bad – just some private thoughts that I want to keep private.
    Thanks for sharing here, and over there!

  4. Amy… no, they won’t be disappearing. They’ll just sink down the column as the 31st comes and goes and newer dates get posted…and the Dark Madness will be there for always.

  5. Ok I’m blonde, I’ve been coming here and seeing the same post, figured you didn’t post anything new for a while now. Today I noticed it was monday the 31st!
    I’m a ditz, don’t worry I get it now, it just took me awhile 😉

  6. Life is confusing enough for my little mind…Today’s date is only the 23rd. But this post is dated Oct 31st. Are you writing from a different dimension — or is it I who am out-of-time?
    I join with the others in appreciating your willingness to share the not-so-pleasant things as well as the everyday stuff of life. I hope as others read and care about what you write, it will help you light up the darkness — and in time, maybe even smooth out the feeling of “madness”?

  7. Thanks for your patience with me, Sue, and also for the
    useful info about how to make something ‘stay put’ on the
    page when you want it to linger. I didn’t know you could
    control the date — I thought the computer would take that
    control from you, based on actual time of post. I’m not
    sure if I would have ever thought beyond my assumption,
    so thanks for the knowledge. 🙂

  8. I guess I’m a little clueless too, I didn’t even look at the date to see that you were trying to keep it at the top.
    And I thought you were just busy. Silly me ;0)

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