Anyone Need a Cowboy?

I swear, after yesterday’s cleaning frenzy, today I can barely walk. This is no lie… I’m walkin’ like a cowboy right off the horse! Why? No clue. I didn’t do a thing that would cause my inner thigh muscles to be seizing up, except possibly going up and downstairs several times. I also am having a bit of a time standing up straight. Oh, well.. all the better to check the turkey in the oven, huh?

Today is cooking day. Em got off late last night and decided to come this morning, so I’ve had time to myself. I’ve made pumpkin bread(s) and coffee cake (my grandmother’s family recipe) and I’ve gotten one turkey in the oven and another in the roaster. Now I just need to wait for her to appear.

Update: She didn’t get here until late, but she made it!!! I’m so tickled. This is the best part of the holidays, getting to see all the kids. Bug got a haircut… what a cutie. Hope she posts a picture of her on her site.

We’ve decided to go to the movie RENT after the turkeys are carved and safely put away for the night. Looking forward to that! Love love love the play.

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