Bless Us Everyone

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

What a wonderful day it has been. I can’t hardly move, but that’s what you’re supposed to do, right? Stuff yourselves until you can’t then wait an hour and have dessert, then a couple more hours and start all over again with sandwiches! Even tho’ I was the cook, I must say my birds came out wonderful this year… moist and tender. I’m so thrilled! Made for such yumminess. This year, after threats of not one more chance, my corn casserole even got done when it was supposed to. Miracle, believe me!

Bad news was, family friends who were coming called and were sick. She had flu, he had a bad cold. That was bad… I was looking forward to seeing them and I felt badly for them that they were ill. I didn’t even take them leftovers as it sounded as though they weren’t keeping much down.

Good news was, everyone else made it. The weather held out and my parents were here, my MIL came, and all my kids and their significant others were in force, except Em’s hubby who was out of state on a hiking expedition with friends. We missed him, but are sure to see him at Christmastime – plus I know he had fun.

Hope you and yours were all blessed this year with plenty ot eat, warm shelter, and loved ones near.

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