End of the Month Panic

Can you believe this is the end of November? I sure can’t… I think this year I feel more dis-organized than I ever have. Is that possible? Is that one of the things that go along with CRS (can’t remember shit) and EITTS (everything I touch turns to shit)? Part of getting old? I used to be the most organized person you ever saw. Not anal, mind you, just organized. I could tell you within seconds exactly where something was that had come in the mail three weeks earlier. I could tell you where your favorite pair of sleeping shorts were or where you last left your shoes. (Okay, not YOU, maybe, but people in my household. Shaddup.)

Now? Now my brain is turning to mush. Some friends had given Hubby checks for minor car repair things back in September. The other day one of them finally mentioned to him that it hadn’t come through the bank yet. WTF? I never ever let something like that sit around – at least not for months! Sure enough. I found them tucked under the bank deposit book where I’d be sure not to forget about them.

I realize Christmas is just around the corner – as well as several family birthdays. Am I ready? Hell no. Do I even have ideas? I barely have a mind at the moment, let alone creativity. Oh, and for you who are wondering, NO I have not put up my Christmas decorations. I need a break from work to get caught up… and a wife.

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13 thoughts on “End of the Month Panic”

  1. Honey every last one of us could use a wife. I swear that would be a good business…Rent-A-Wife! Hire yourself out to do the cooking, cleaning, shopping and so on for the woman that is just toooooooo busy. Hiring oneself out to women would insure very grateful clients because women know what a pain in the ass it is to do all that crap.

  2. I completely totally relate. Even with the christmas decorations.
    Just take deep breaths and do what you can when you can. Try not to beat yourself up when you forget things. At least that’s what I try to tell myself. 😉

  3. Baby steps and deep breaths–I have all the confidence in the world that you’ll get through it with style and grace (even when it doesn’t feel like it). 🙂
    I’ve done that check thing, too, but find them tucked away in more bizarre places, I’d never think to look a second time. lol

  4. HA HA! There’s this speaker that my company gets every now and then – she talks about organization.
    She always asks the audience how well organized we are, or if not do you need a wife and she raises her hand too.

  5. Actually, I’ve gotten more organized as I’ve aged. I think one reason is I have more patience, so I will take the time to put something in its designated place, rather than just throw it in the closet. Can you delegate some of this stuff to others? Like putting up Christmas decorations?

  6. I know what you mean about the brain turning to mush! I put stuff where I’ll be sure to know where it is and then later tear the house apart looking for it in every spot but the obvious, safe spot I’d put the item.
    And now that I’m working (albeit part-time) I am so frazzled by the end of the day, I can barely think. Last night my husband was telling me something and I stared at him as if I were listening and when he finished, I said (half-jokingly) “Were you talking to me?”
    I started off being ultra-organized for the holidays but I feel my grip slipping and panic is seeping in. So many things to do and remember!

  7. I am so not ready for it to be December yet…*sigh*
    Birthday after birthday and then the rest too! I get tired thinking about it, so my plan is simply to not think.

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