You Can’t Kill ‘Em IV

In the midst of the good weekend we were having last, I didn’t want to ruin the mood on Monday by telling you what happened Monday morning… now that a few days have passed and I’ve had time to cool down I’ll tell you. Oh, did I say I cooled down? I lied.

Recently Hubby traded in our ATV for a Rhino. It made more sense where the farm is concerned because he can haul stuff with it and can put a spray tank in the back for spraying fencerows – and he ain’t gettin’ any younger – it’s much more comfortable to ride in. Besides that, it’s kinda fun! I’ve been told this will be a tool I can utilize in my yard, too (ya think he was in the “selling” mode?).

Monday morning bright and early Hubby reported for airport duty. His mother was heading to his sisters’ house for Christmas and he was delivering her to the airport. As he pulls in, he sees tracks all over the yard in the snow. I’ll tell you… the indians have nothin’ on this guy. He (and his Dad before him) can just look at the drive and tell if someone has been there, what kind of vehicle it is, and probably then know who owns it! At any rate, he asks his mom what all the tracks came from (just to see what she’d say).

MIL: THE oldest BOY (see previous post) took my garbage out for me. With. The. Rhino.
Hubby: Uh huh. Then what? He rode all over hell and back with it?
MIL: I don’t know, I wasn’t watching him.
Hubby: Well, neither was his dad – BIL.
MIL: He was out in the shop changing the oil in his truck.
Hubby: Without asking. As usual. Did anyone think to ask if he could ride it? Did anyone call me on my cell phone that I have on 24-7?
MIL: Oh, son, you always get so worked up about this.
Hubby: By ‘this’ do you mean the time THE BOY took the ATV out of the shop and rode it around before we even owned it? Do you mean the time the ATV got taken out, ridden all over, and put back – without anyone mentioning they rolled it and screwed up the handlebars until I found it and specifically asked about it? Is that the ‘this’ you are referring to?

Or maybe it’s the ‘this’ when Em’s stuff got messed with. (Okay, he didn’t say this one, but I wish he had!!)

No. Respect.

This is what it comes down to. Come out to the farm and just do whatever you want with whatever you see and nobody says a word. We have never ever even asked to borrow anything of theirs, let alone taken it without asking. Asshat BIL has a classic Mustang he’s really proud of he’s storing for the winter in MIL’s garage… wonder what he’d think if Hubby grabbed that and went for a drive in the snow and mud, then just put it back without saying anything? Oh, and didn’t bother to offer to pay for the fuel for this little joyride – everyone knows fuel is so cheap now, right?

I don’t know how Hubby can come from this family. It’s been a few days and I still feel like smacking that kid. Hard. At least MIL is gone so we don’t have to endure a Hallmark Christmas Eve with these people. Arrrggghhhh!!!

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4 thoughts on “You Can’t Kill ‘Em IV”

  1. It’s a shame when you feel like you need to lock up your stuff from your own flesh and blood.
    Unfortunately, maybe that’s what you need to start doing.
    Maybe hubby can “accidently” hook it up to a cattle prod or two.

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