It’s a Long Way Back up the Hill… or Yo-Yo Woman

The road to recovery has been a long uphill climb, and, as the title says, there are days I feel like a yo-yo! I just think I’m feeling better and along comes mr. migraine. (Yes, it’s a man…no woman would make me hurt like this!) Yesterday was a lost cause. Once again I was flat on my back (relatively speaking) and out for the count. Today I’m back on my feet (or rather my butt) working. Will I be this way tomorrow? Only time will tell… but I sure hope so. Anyone but me get sick of being sick? Yeah… it’s one thing to be off work, but when you feel yucky you really aren’t interested in anything it really is just lost time. I don’t have time to lose. Too much to do!

Thank you all for your warm thoughts and wishes. I’ve missed you guys!!! I can’t wait until I get some time to catch up on all of you and see what I’ve managed to miss in your lives. I hope you didn’t do anything TOO exciting while I was laid up! No babies birthed… no houses completed… no major traumas…

For those of you who want to suggest reading materials… Let me just say this: We have an excellent library. They are very good about getting in new material and have a great system of holds and/or being able to “rent” the newest books for $2. I have no complaints about my library. Despite my Hubby telling me they’re going to run out of books. My problem is I read too damn fast. If I’m not interrupted, I can read a book a day – sometimes two. This causes problems when I’m sick and I’ve only checked out 10 books and my bookshelf is full, but it is full of books I’ve read. I want them to re-read someday, but I have to wait about 10 years until I can’t remember the plots, otherwise I start to read and it all comes back to me. I usually only read mystery, some horror (i.e. Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Jeffrey Deaver) and a few fiction books that have some intrigue that should probably be classified mystery, but for some reason aren’t. I’m not into sci-fi (I love Sci-Fi movies and shows, like Firefly, but can’t read sci-fi… it’s a missing link thing). I am soooo not into romance. I’m sorry, dress it up like a mystery and it’s STILL a fucking romance. I can tell. It isn’t that I’m not romantic… no, I like sex like the best of ’em… I just don’t need the drama of it all. I apologize in advance to my friend who is a published romance novelist.

Soooo… if you have any suggestions that meet my criteria, feel free to tell me who the author is and I’ll track ’em down. If I find authors I like, I try to read everything by them, and read them in chronological order. Most authors have a main character that they will build on and it’s more fun to me to start at the beginning and see what they’ve got. You can either post your suggestions in the comments or e-mail me.

That’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by and checking on me… I hope to be stopping by “your places” soon!

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11 thoughts on “It’s a Long Way Back up the Hill… or Yo-Yo Woman”

  1. I’ve struggled with migraines off and on for years Sue. I feel your pain.
    If you ever get to the point where you’re fed up tryning the various drugs on the market? The best thing I have ever done was hit the chiropractor. I’ve had only one in the last month, and it didn’t play out for three days of agony. If you can find a good chiropractor, I highly recommend it!
    Hope you feel up to snuff soon.

  2. I’m so glad you are back and feeling a bit better!
    I read very fast too, and like you I’ve read Koontz, King and several others. Now, I don’t really have the time to read, but my Hubs is a book nut. He’s always finding new authors he likes.

  3. These are very light reading, but the Clive Cussler books are fun for me (the Dirk Pitt mysteries). One was made into a movie with Matthew McConoughey this year (Sahara). Do you like historical-based books? I read a series all about Julius Caesar that included real events mixed in with fiction (the scandals, politics, wars, etc.).

  4. If you check over at Murmur’s you will see that I recently mentioned a book: Already Dead by Charles Huston. A mystery with a tinge of horror mainly because the main charachter is a Vampyre. Not in the vein of Anne Rice or Bram Stoker, he is a Vampyre with real world problems.
    I am sure you have read most of James Patterson if you have missed any the series that begins with 1st Degree is good. Also a book by him that I just finished by him called Lifeguard was good.
    I know I have more. Probably easier to email them to you.

  5. I concur, Clive Cussler is good.
    Try Mario Puzo. He wrote “The Godfather.” He also has a very good one called “The Sicilian”, and “Fools Die”.
    Tom Clancy is good too. Start with some of his earlier stuff like “Hunt for Red October”.
    Edward Rutherfurd writes good historical fiction. Each chapter is a short story of a certain era in a historical setting. The whole book encompasses a couple of thousand years following a few families throughout the ages. “London” is my favorite of his.

  6. I’m not huge on historical anything… “hysterical?”… LOL…
    I haven’t read Clive Cussler, but may look into it… also, the one you mention, Houston, Darrell.
    Mario Puzo, read. Patterson, read all series – love him. Tom Clancy got a bit too wordy for me. He loses me in his characters, but he is one that I do like the movies.

  7. Book recommendations? Good lord, where to start?
    Recently, I’ve picked up and enjoyed:
    Jodi Picoult – I’m not sure her stuff qualifies as mystery, though there are always a lot of questions to be answered.
    Lisa Gardner – definite suspense, usually a single sitting read for me. She usually does have a romantic subplot, but I didn’t realize she was clasified as “romantic suspense” until I just looked her up.
    Laurie King – she writes a Sherlock Holmes spin off series which is excellent, a police thriller series set in San Francisco, and has a few stand alone thrillers out there as well. Highly recommended.
    Elizabeth Peters – her Amelia Peabody series always makes me laugh.
    Hmmm… looks like I’ve been reading a lot of women authors lately.

  8. Kate: Lisa Gardner and Laurie King I’ve both read… Lisa does get a bit sappy at times, but I’ve been able to muddle through. She doesn’t get TOO bad.
    Have not tried the others yet, may have to. Thanks for the suggestions.

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