In The Land of the Giants

We are now in the land of the giants. Hubby got his wish last night (not THAT wish… get your mind out of the gutter, people). Since we built this new house he’s been wanting a big screen TV for the family room. He didn’t whine or snivel… not once. Honest. He would just occasionally mention how nice it would be to have and maybe someday we could have one. Well, that day has come. As of last evening we are now the proud owners of a 52″ Toshiba HDTV unit. To be delivered tomorrow. To then be painstakingly wired to several pieces of audio and video equipment. To then be watched endlessly for the next 20 years …

He deserves this. He does. He works very hard 6 days a week, sometimes 7. He is up before 5 a.m. usually, and doesn’t get home until after 6 p.m. – unless he’s in the field at which time he may not get home until after 10 p.m.. He’s a solid guy. He’s a good family man. A good husband. He doesn’t hang out at the bars, or chase women, or gamble (okay, farming itself is gambling but we won’t go into that) and his main weakness is putting money and time into our youngest kids’ stock car. He occasionally goes to one of his friends’ shop and sits and has a couple of beers after work or maybe spends Sunday afternoon riding 4-wheeled vehicles in another buddys’ timber. We don’t go on vacation… for various reasons, mainly being we like it at home and we have too many critters that would have their lives disrupted if we were gone.

So? He has a nice truck. Good equipment. Good computers. Expensive internet. A subscription to WoW. All the movie channels you can get and then some. Nice stereo equipment…. and now? Now we have a big-fucking-screen TV. This is our vacation, people. We’re packing our bags.

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10 thoughts on “In The Land of the Giants”

  1. dear lord. can you even see the fireplace now? Was this the thing you were on your way to doing when you called about movie night? hmmmm?
    Tell dad congrats on his new child:)

  2. Shhhh! Be quiet would ya! My hubby does WHINE about getting one of those and I am sick to death of hearing it! We can’t afford it, and probably won’t be able to for a few years, however, if he hears about this he’ll go buy one anyways. If I really get bitchy about the “i’d rather have food” fight, then he’ll just whine more about how your hubby got one and I just don’t love him as much obviously….sheesh…
    Congrats to hubby, but keep it on the down low, k? lmfao

  3. I could live and vacation like that. Hell, all I need for a good vacation is a bong and a law and order weekend!! I wish my wife were more like that….

  4. LOL Well, look at it this way. Now you get to see what all the tv people REALLY look like 😉
    Are you guys going to camp and everything in front of it? Sleeping bags? Popcorn? Coleman stove?

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