The Weekend of Unbelievable Laziness

Not quite jammie days… but close, very close. After playing around programming our exotic remote for our new TV on Friday, I did very little. That’s hard work, you know! Saturday morning I was up bright and early because the satellite guy was coming to change out our unit for an HDTV unit. Amazement was mine as he appeared on my doorstep at 8:30 a.m. Normally, when they say they’ll come between 8 and 12, you will see them at 1 or 2. He was very nice and got me all hooked up in less than an hour.

Off to the grocery store and library, then home to put said items away and let my pups run, I packed my bags (laptop) and headed to Manda’s house for another full afternoon and evening of WoW. I admit it. I’m hooked. Badly. This is not funny… I don’t usually even play games. Ugh. I’m hoping at some point I get tired of it and get my life back.

Yesterday was veggin’ with the Hubby, WoW, and the big-tv. Almost nothin’ better to do on a gray, cold, gloomy Sunday. The rain was spitting, turning to snowflakes, and back to rain… we had the fireplace going, the big TV on, munchies, cold beverages, the cats to cuddle, and I played WoW on my laptop while keeping one eye on what Hubs was watching and visiting with him. Was a great, relaxing day. Oh, of course I had some laundry to do all day, but that was no biggie… and I felt as though I accomplished something at least.

Good thing I can’t play WoW at work! Then I’d never get caught up on my blogging… (you didn’t hear that!)

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