Workplace Hijinks

Where I work we have guys who run large equipment and drive trucks. This means the home office is very interested in any tickets you may get while operating a motor vehicle. Any motor vehicle. So, when you get a speeding ticket or some other type of ticket, they have a form you must fill out and submit to the home office.

This morning when I got to work the three office guys were standing in the outer office looking at a piece of paper and laughing. One of them handed it to me and asked if I could see anything wrong with it…

It had the guys’ name. John Doe (names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent)
What the ticket was for: speeding, going 65 in a 55 zone
Where the ticket was received: blah blah blah
Why did you get the ticket: Because I was master-baiting and got carried away
The rest of the ticket is insignificant.

You have to know, the guy is a little bit uneducated, so the misspelling was logical.

The manager at my office had looked at the original sheet and it did NOT have that line on it… but when he went to fax it to the home office, he just picked up the photocopied version that was laying on top and sent it. Yes, the photocopied version had that line added – by one of the other smartasses in our office.

The vice president of the company called. Immediatly. Talked to our manager. Asked if he’d read this before he sent it. Yes, he replied. Did you read the whole thing? VP asked. Yes, he replied. Did you read the line where it asks why you got the ticket? Manager said, yes, it’s blank… VP says, not on my copy…

Now we’re waiting to see if the president calls. This may be a test of their sense of humor.
Needless to say, those of us here found it hilarious. But then, we do have rather warped senses of humor….

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9 thoughts on “Workplace Hijinks”

  1. Ya think maybe the Manager will be a little more careful about what he faxes to the home office from now on?
    Sure as hell tho, some prude at the other end got it and went whining to the VP… who had to make a big deal out of it. Now butts will be in a sling when it could have been easily solved by just asking for a re-transmit of the “real” fax.

  2. Oh, that is HILARIOUS – you would totally fit in at my office. We had quite the discussion the other day about long and skinny vs. short and fat and whether both delivered (um, we were talking about syringes, get your mind out of the gutter!)

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