You Win Some, Lose Some, and Wreck Some*

This weekend was the awards banquet for my youngest son. I know I’ve mentioned at various times throughout the summer about Hubby going to races… and even a few I managed to get myself to. Well, this was the night he was recognized for his hard work. He won the track championship in the stock car division.

We had a nice dinner, some good conversation with people you are usually racing against, and he received a large trophy, plaque and some money. All in all a nice evening.

He’s 22. He’s competing against guys who, for the most part, are 10-20 years older than he is and have been doing this a lot longer. The guy has natural talent. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him go pro someday, but I won’t push it. It’s his thing… I just wanted to mention how proud I am of him. He’s a good guy and a helluva racer. A clean racer, which in this day and age means something. He’s gotten a lot of respect from these guys he races against and as a mom, I appreciate that.

Way to go, Jon!

*Dale Earnhardt

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