It Isn’t Even a FULL Moon

Tossing and turning. That was my night. No particular reason that I’m aware of. My subconcious must feel differently, though. I dozed, not awake enough to say ‘to hell with it’ and get up and go read, but not asleep enough to totally zonk. Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, Hubs gets up and heads for the bathroom complaining about the moon shining right in his eyes. It’s shining in mine, too, and I’m cursing the fact that I still have nothing better than a sheer at the slider.

Three hours later, I, too, get up to go to the bathroom and realize that the moon is still shining in our bedroom, but from the wrong angle. It appears to be going backwards across the sky. Now, we all know that isn’t possible, so my little brain has to think about that one as I stumble through the house to use the far bathroom (so I don’t disturb the pups sleeping in the one right next to my bed.) Yeah, I realize how stupid that sounds. One of these days that may change…

In the bedroom, I draw the blinds on the windows – effectively shutting out the moon. Back to bed where I ponder the moon phenomena until I realize that it was shining in the window all the time, but when Hubs saw it, it was being reflected in picture glass. Me, without my glasses, didn’t realize it was too far over to be the slider or I would have thought of the glass, too – as it’s happened before.

It wasn’t even a full moon – only half. But, damn, that thing was bright last night. Tonight, I shut the blinds… and I see a nap in my future.

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3 thoughts on “It Isn’t Even a FULL Moon”

  1. I’ve been awakened by the moon shining brightly through a crack in the blinds, right into my eye. It’s almost as bad as the midday sun!

  2. Do you ever get that restless leg syndrome? I get it once in a while, and it’s horrid. My legs just twitch around and I can’t be still.

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