Something In the Water?

Last weekend I was talking to a co-workers’ wife at our annual Christmas party. (Yes, I did say Christmas party – we’re not known for punctuality.) We were discussing the fact that we just had one co-worker who was leaving for Alabama the next day because his grandfather had passed away. That led us to the fact that another co-worker had his brother suddenly taken in a freak car accident, and two weeks later yet another co-worker had his relatively young father die suddenly.

The woman was saying that her father had passed away in December (which I knew) and they had had 14 – yes, fourteen – people they knew pass away since then. Fourteen in less than three months.

I know they say as you get older more people you know die, but c’mon… this is ridiculous. Guess it’s a lesson, huh? Give someone you love a call, a hug, and tell them how you feel. …oh, and don’t let them drink the water…

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6 thoughts on “Something In the Water?”

  1. Wow, that is freaky! Odd you bring up the water…’round here they’ve found that our water is tainted with prescription drugs..nice eh? Stayin’ away from the water…((hugs))

  2. Typically, older people die with more frequency around holidays and during winter months. That may be some of what you’re seeing. Also, there are more auto accidents.

  3. THat reminds me of my Ex’s step-grandmother who knew all these people that were getting sick or dying, and it also seemed to coincide with her taking a trip. So, someone made the comment once to start letting the rest of us know when she was going to vacation, so we could be prepared.

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