Who am I?

To my immediate family I’m warm, witty, generous, honest, open, loving, and a bit raunchy. I have been known to say anything.

To my lesser immediate family I’m cool, polite, friendly (usually while biting my tongue), and hard to talk to.

To my co-workers I am friendly, intelligent, a ‘mother figure’, slightly tempermental, dependable.

To my (few) real life friends I’m helpful, a good listener, a cheerleader, caring and thoughtful.

To my online friends (of which I count several) I am ?

In my own mind? Complex. Very complex. A hard shell with a gooey middle. Slightly (maybe more than slightly) insane. Not your typical 49-year-old woman.

This was hard.

*from Brad

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Middle-aged. Anti-social. Mom. Grandma. Town-raised farmer's wife. Iowan. Want more? Come read the blogs.

16 thoughts on “Persona*”

  1. Well, is that REALLY who you are to those people?
    I believe it’s more who you think you are to them. Their answers could differ.
    In 5th grade this kid called me a Conceited Bitch. I knew bitch wasn’t good, but I was unfamiliar with “conceited”.
    When I found out what it was I was very upset. How could he think that of me and more importantly why did I care what he thought. I didn’t really know him.
    I was just really shy. When I say that to people now they can hardly believe it.

  2. Brad’s post got me thinking about this too. I wonder why we have so many personas. It is so interesting to see how we view each other and ourselves.

  3. I see you as a deep river… that it probably takes a long time of knowing you to know what truly lies beneath the surface. I also believe you are compassionate, loving, and down-to-earth.

  4. you are definitely complex and deep and caring and wise and trustworthy and thoughtful and funny and generous and supportive and well, i could go on.
    from one of your blogger friends,

  5. Complex, yes. But you have a heart as big as Iowa. You are one of those steel women who have not let the bad that’s happened outweigh the good in your psyche. You’ve used the traumatic experiences to make you more compassionate. Not everyone does that. Some just become bitter. Take a bow. You’re a special person.

  6. To me you are my cheerleader, a true inspiration. Every time you comment I get such a good feeling. I thank you for being so sweet with all my heart! I love ya honey!

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