Good News Bad News Friday

* Good news: Going to get Em tomorrow! Yippee!
* Bad news: I hate moving.
*Good news: My eldest daughter, her hubs, and my eldest son are all going to help. It will be nice to see them all and get to spend some quality time with them.
*Bad news: I hate moving.
*Good news: We’re going to see Em’s hubs. We really do still love him and wish him every happiness, too.
*Bad news: It’s gonna be sad. … oh, and I have I mentioned I hate moving?

* Good news: My tulips and croccuses (crocci?) and hyacith look gorgeous. My pear tree is blooming. The groundcover is blooming. The pansies came back in full force and are striking. Things are alive and coming up all over the garden. I’ve taken lots of pictures!
* Bad news: I’ve been working so much that I see the garden for all of about 15 minutes when I take the dogs out at night and I’ve not had time to download the pictures for you to see. I have one of my two new apple trees that didn’t come back to life after winter (and they say they need two to make apples. grrrr), and even though my redbud trees show teeny-tiny leaves, they are not blooming in profusion as the rest of the countryside is. Why is it these things can grow on roadsides like weeds, but when you put them in your yard and “nurture” them, they struggle?

* Good news: My blood sugar numbers are coming down to an acceptable number. I’ve been so “good” it’s scary. Hubs came down about five seconds after he took his first pill and hasn’t gone up again. It’s debatable whether he is really diabetic or just had a bad spell last winter with lots of sugary and carb-filled eating. Maybe God really DID make him have this scare to make me take better care of myself. It seems to be working, anyway…
* Bad news: I’m sleeping all night and still tired, having headaches all day long, and craving all the things I can’t have.

*Good news: My father appears to be doing okay. He’s had an MRI which showed nothing. They know he had some small strokes earlier on, but don’t think it had anything to do with this episode with his vision. His vision has cleared, but he has another eye doc appt. He and my mother both stopped drinking. Didn’t think they could, but apparently these things can happen. Next thing you know they’ll find religion again. Isn’t that what old people do? (I’m going to hell.) *Bad news: He had a bone scan of his neck, as he’s been having pain and sometime weakness and dizziness associated with it and now has fallen about four times in the past month. My father is 6’5″ tall – if he falls, it’s a long drop. I’m sure the falling has not helped the neck, either, so round and round we go. Will see what they come up with next.

*Good news: Planting is going well. Hubs may even take Sunday off and still be done planting corn by Tuesday. Too early to start planting soybeans, but he doesn’t have near the acres of them this year so won’t take long to do once the time is right.
*Bad news: The work pickup truck had ignition troubles last night and I volunteered to go get the parts for it in town. (I was already in my jammies!) Hubs got it fixed, but we didn’t get home until 9 p.m. and then had to get supper. Didn’t make for a very relaxation-filled evening.

*Good news: While Hubs was fixing the pickup, I went up to the house and visited with my mother-in-law. She was actually pleasant and it was a relatively nice conversation.
*Bad news: I had to hear all about my sister-in-law being in Sweden for a “conference” and how hard she and her husband have been working to sell out their dairy herd.

*Good news: I get to see my eldest son tonight. He’s coming to get stuff he left at my house when he moved out that he may or may not want to see again before his sister moves into that space and it gets buried.
*Bad news: I don’t get to see him as much as I’d like.

*Good news: Miss Sizzle’s birthday was this week. Tuesday, as a matter of fact. She’s a bright and beautiful 33. Go wish her a happy Belated Birthday!
*Bad news: I was sick on Tuesday and didn’t realize I’d missed her birthday until yesterday. What a bad blog-friend I am!

That’s about it for now… when things slow down a bit I’ll try and get caught up with all of you!

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9 thoughts on “Good News Bad News Friday”

  1. you are NOT a bad blog friend. Nevah! thanks for the well wishes. didn’t you know the birthday celebration just goes on and on and on. hee hee.
    good luck with the move. i will be thinking of you guys.

  2. Sorry about all the moving work you’re heading into. I’m not a fan of moving either.
    Your Dad’s troubles sound eerily like my own Dad’s troubles. My Father has miraculously improved. Nobody understands why. Again, mini-strokes suspected. Weird eh? So maybe your father will take a turn for the better.
    I’m so sorry about your apple tree. I completely understand your frustration with the plants. Mom nearly killed herself in her gardens last year. We’re waiting to see what lived through the winter. So far, so good. I hope the rest of your plants do well.

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