Frazzled Friday Wrap-Up

* Hubs got done planting the corn
* We had Chinese food last night to celebrate (rice is on the “no” list for diabetics)
* He took his blood sugar reading and it was too low – after Chinese – I’m back to questioning whether he is really diabetic
* My blood sugar reading was high this morning – after Chinese – but that wasn’t totally unexpected
* It wasn’t ungodly high
* I’m proud of that fact
* I’ve been so good on my diet that I don’t even crave Pepsi anymore
* I’m telling the truth about being good
* I’m lying about not craving Pepsi – Pepsi One is not the same, however both are brown and fizzy
* There is 100% chance of rain tomorrow, but looking at radar it appears to be 100% today also
* This is good for the grass patches we are trying to grow on our lawn – places that had gotten gouges from rain run-off and that Hubs dug up, re-seeded and covered with matting and that I have been watering daily.
* This is good for the new corn
* This is good for my gardens
* The 40 mph winds they are also predicting for tomorrow are not good
* Em got a new laptop so she could play WoW faster
* I got a new laptop so I could play WoW faster
* I’m telling myself it’s a reward for being so good on my diet
* I’m actually a techno-junkie and my daughter got a new one (same one) and was so much faster I just had to have one
* We got Em moved back
* Her critters (dog and frog) have made themselves at home
* My dogs are thrilled
* My cats are not
* I have to work again tomorrow
* After work tomorrow I’m going to visit my parents – it’s my mother’s birthday
* I have only seen them once since Christmas
* I do not like to visit them
* I do not feel comfortable
* I feel guilty for this
* I’m going on a month without a vaccum
* I soon will have enough cat hair collected to make another cat
* I’m going to stop at the vacuum place when I go to my parents’ – it’s in the same town
* I’m going to verbally thrash the salesman if he doesn’t have my parts in yet
* After that I’m going to sic my Hubby on them
* I have not spent near enough time with my blog friends
* I have not forgotten you
* I have been lurking to a certain extent
* I’m hoping by the low number of comments on mine that you have been lurking too
* Give someone you love a hug today
* {{{{hugs}}}}}

* Have a good weekend

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4 thoughts on “Frazzled Friday Wrap-Up”

  1. should i be concerned about your WoW addiction? 😉
    good luck with your parents tomorrow. i can send you a second hug tomorrow for surviving that.
    here’s one for today: {{{HUG}}}

  2. If you do make another cat, please don’t send it to me. I am already overwhelmed with critters.

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