It’s Monday and It’s COLD

First off, where did the weekend go? I want it back!

I worked Saturday morning for awhile, but it got to spitting rain and wind so we closed the office and went home. Well, some of us went home. I went to the grocery store, then to the plant place to pick up yet another tomato plant. Of course, I couldn’t walk out with just one tomato plant, but I kept myself in check nicely. Only a few sale plants came home with me.

Home, and I immediately turned off the air conditioner – that hadn’t run in a couple of days – and when Hubs got home mid-afternoon we turned on the fireplace. Yes, It’s been that cool. Doesn’t really feel like June at the moment. Managed to get some laundry and cleaning done and feel as though a little got accomplished. Have a bit more to do, but should get it done after work today.

In talking to Hubs, I found out that son’s race last week never even got through hot-laps, so it wasn’t considered a race to make up. Therefore, Saturday nights’ race was to just be a single-feature. However, they got rained out before they ever got started. I don’t think Hubs was too disappointed not to have to sit in the wind and the cold. Unfortunately, whatever rain they got up north that made the race get cancelled never really made it to our area. We still need rain badly.

Sunday I spent most of the day in bed. Something funky was going on with my ears… I was getting that annoying ringing that you get when you take too much asperin – only I hadn’t taken any. Felt as though my head was full, but not really stuffy. All in all, just weirdness. (I hear you out there… “what else is new?”…) So, got some reading done, some WoW in, and a lot of sleep. Maybe that’s what I really needed. Feeling fine today. Except that feeling that the weekend flew by…

This coming weekend is the first of the internet people visits. It should be fun… it’s a fellow blogger and now WoW player who has become a good friend to myself and my daughters. His first time to Iowa, too. Hope he’s not expecting a parade, we’re fresh out… but we may manage to grill the fatted calf and hopefully have some warmer weather by then to sit outside and enjoy each other’s company and get to talk face to face. Will be an interesting time… I know I’VE never done this before. I’m going by all of your good experiences … don’t let me down!

Happy Monday everyone…let’s have a good week. (Now excuse me while I crank up the space heater under my desk.)

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